Depression Symptoms - Start Taking Care in the Initial Stage Only!

Clinical depression is a common disease these days because of the tense lifestyle of man. Continuous stress is one of the major causes of depression. Family problems, shock, unpleasant atmosphere, social un-acceptance are some reasons behind depression. Here are some facts about the disease.

Clinical depression is a mental disease. Generally, everyone gets depressed once in a while, but if this situation continues for a long span, it is considered as major mental depression. Such people lose their self esteem, and do not enjoy any activity.

How to discover such patients:

In all other physical diseases, patients can go to the doctor for they realize their problems personally. Most serious complication about this disease is that patients rarely accept that they need psychiatric treatment. Even people around such patients neglect some basic symptoms of depression. So, the possibility of treating such patients in the initial stage of the disease becomes rare.

Everyone gets tired and mentally frustrated often. Even we do experience unwillingness to live frequently. Doctors also believe that this is the defense mechanism of our mental system. Low mood is always not depression. However, prolonged sadness and a low mood can be depression. It is curable if taken proper care of.

First of all, sad mood is not the only symptom of depression. There are many other symptoms too which will help you to trap the disease in an earlier stage. Those are:

1) Mood:

Bad mood is the first symptom of depression. These patients are always unhappy. They don't need any particular cause to become sad; sadness becomes their natural mindset in this period.

2) Unwillingness:

In this disorder patients loose hope. They do not take part in any social activity neither do they enjoy participating in interesting things.

3) Ill-tempered nature:

Such patients loose their humor instantly. They have the tendency to be rude, impatient and so on; automatically they get harsh replies which make their condition worse.

4) Lonely:

These people develop the attitude that no one likes them, so, they start distancing themselves from their folks. You can observe that these people choose sitting at home alone instead of going out with friends.

5) Sleeplessness:

Sleeplessness is the major problem faced by depressed people. They cannot sleep peacefully thorough out the night. Either they get horrible dreams or illusions. Medication for this problem can make them sleep and some depression pills also work against this problem. However, if these patients do not get proper treatment, they try various addictions to overcome the problem.

5) Addiction:

Extreme addiction to alcohol and drugs is also common in depression patients. As it seems the only way to kill stress and sadness, these patients get easily attracted towards addiction.

6) Indifference:

Patients of depression are always unconcerned about what is happening around them.

Although they seem indulging in activities, mentally they are in a void. This is the reason, one gets blunt replies from them frequently.

7) Denial:

As they lack confidence, they deny any suggestions given to them. Depression and low mood do not allow them to accept things and enjoy moments. So, they just deny every offer you put forth to them. Even persuading them to take medication is a big challenge for you.

These are some symptoms you can find in patients of depression. If you are concerned about such a person then take immediate steps to cure him/her. There are antidepressants and depression pills available to treat them. So, go to the psychiatrist, consult him and bring the patient back to life. Have some patience while dealing with them; be patient to get your buddy back to normality.

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