Depression - A Mental Illness!

Depression is the mental disease which makes the patients helpless in all sense. It is not only harmful for sufferer but even for the caretakers too. There should be a wide campaign about the nature and treatment about this disease. Social acceptance and understanding may help those patients to cure fast. Read the article to know about this disease.

Generally, causes of depression are very minute in normal view. They are so common in everyone, that we just can't anticipate that the person may suffer a serious attack of depression. Tension, stress, suppressed feelings, pressure of work are some reasons for depression. Suicide is the last stage of depression. Generally, depressed people think about suicide frequently and in the last stage, they can commit suicide so, such patients must be taken care of.
Reason behind suicide:

Depressed people think of suicide because of the low self esteem and hopeless feeling. They are fagged out by fighting the disease. Lack of sleep, restlessness make them too tired to live. So, suicide becomes a ray of hope as it is the only way to get immediate relief from the disease according to such patients.

How to prevent suicides:

Here are some ways to prevent suicides out of depressions.

1) Controlling aggressive behavior:

Aggressive behavior can be a cause behind the decision of suicide. The best way to keep such patients cheerful is to help them meditate. High risk suicide prevention programs can help in such cases.

2) According to research , most of the patients go to a doctor or consultant before
committing suicide, those people must be aware about such intimations.

3) It is also observed that these patients talk irrationally or in an extremely sentimental way whenever they think of taking such a step. So, you can observe the behavior and easily guess the severity of the disease.

These are steps to know the severity of the disease. Although minor depression is very normal; do not neglect it if it continues for more than three weeks. Try to calm yourself in extreme conditions. Meditate everyday and keep some time aside to spend for the tasks you like. If you can't do so, at least go out on a holiday for a couple of days in a month. Playing with children is the best way to remove depression. Reading good literature and having an intimate friend circle to share your problems are two of the best things which keep you away from tensions.

When you come to know that someone around you possibly has this disease, without a second thought, visit his/her home to intimate his.her family members about it. Surround such a person all the time but take care that he should not take it as if you are spying on him/her.

Try to speak and share a lot with such patients; when they will share their problems, they will be relaxed and the best way to release depression is expressing one's feelings. If you observe that this behavior is prolonged for several weeks, talk to them and ask them to consult a doctor or a psychiatrist to get well immediately.

If you are among the family members of such patients, spend a lot of time with the patient. Try to take him out for walking, long drives and tours. Make him feel comfortable at their work place by discussing about the nature of their work and colleagues. Try to know his or her views to solve complicated issues at work. These discussions will not reduce the burden but at least help him or her to release the tension.

The most important thing is don't loose your patience while dealing with such people as they really need you. So, cheer up and make others to do so!

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