Focus on the Benefits - Teeth Whitening

It never stops amazing me why people seem to focus on the potential negative issues of teeth whitening and seem to completely overlook the benefits that can be achieved by having whiter teeth.

There is little to debate really that having a white smile that makes the teeth look brighter and more health can only be a really positive thing but you would be amazed at what people say when going in teeth whitening for the first time.

Now I am realistic and understand not everyone is going to be educated in teeth whitening as really it is still fairly new industry and has only been in the last few years it has got in to the public domain through TV programs and famous celebrities having their teeth whitened.

One of challenges is ignorance and the other is the internet which has so much information many of which contradicts each other in many ways and this leads to confusion and defers people from having their teeth made whiter.

For me the benefits are wonderful and create a more self confident you that why anyone would not want their smile to look brighter to the wider world is simply beyond my comprehension but it happens.

These are some of issues people focus on when considering teeth whitening:


This is heavily debated but it is very likely you will not even get any sensitivity and if you do it only lasts a few days before disappearing altogether. People seem focus on the pain associated with sensitivity over the results achieved with teeth whitening.

Will it Whiten my Teeth

To some level everyone's teeth can be whitened but not everyone ends up having teeth as white as Tom Cruise or Simon Cowell! Keep your expectations in check and even a brightening of the teeth is much better than you have at the moment so that is a good thing. The drivers for how white the teeth will go are down to how much staining you have or is the discolouring down the natural colour of the dentin which whitening cannot change.

Will my Filings or Crowns Whiten?

If your filings or cosmetic teeth like veneers,crowns and caps have been in the mouth for some years then they have probably changed to a similar colour to the natural teeth and therefore should whiten at a similar rate of whiteness. When the dentist would have done the work they would have matched them to the colour at that time and therefore this should give you a guide.

What System?

Well this can be debated in other articles but the choices are either the DIY home kit route or going to see the dentist or whitening specialist and having laser or zoom whitening. These are really the choices and will down to budget and choice etc.

Will it Hurt my Gums or Soft Tissues?

I have never heard of any teeth whitening product hurting the gums or soft tissues if the person carrying out the treatment is competent and careful. Always buy branded whitening products as these would have passed stringent testing prior to being sold on the open market.

Lots of info can be sourced at Teeth whitening Cambridge ( or at the Natural white teeth website should help on the subject.

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