Teeth Whitening For Renewed Self Confidence

It is such a simple and low cost exercise to whiten the teeth and have a really nice smile and can help enhance an individual's self confidence so let's us find out more.

For most of us who consume the teeth staining components like coffee, tea, cola, gravy, blackcurrant juice and so much more it is just a fact of life the teeth will absorb these colours and the teeth change colour. Now this tends to happen over a long period of time because the teeth are quite resilient to staining and this is why the change does not happen overnight!

The teeth's enamel contain thousands of micro-pores which hold the staining and this then shows off a yellow or brownish colour when the light reflects of the teeth.

When teeth whitening are performed the micro-pores are opened to release the staining being held in the teeth and this enables the light to reflect off them better and more efficiently. The other thing to note is that when we get older the staining gets in deeper in the teeth and takes slightly longer to remove. This is normally more applicable on the bottom teeth because of the deep liquid type staining caused by tea, coffee, cola and fruit juices etc etc.

Once the staining is under control then you will need periodic treatments to mange future staining in the teeth and keep them looking bright and white.

Teeth whitening can improve your self esteem as well as making you look much younger in age as the teeth are used as a gauge on age and yellow darker teeth normally is associated with people who are over a certain age if you follow what I mean!

Taking the next steps for teeth whitening can be daunting to know what the best way to approach this is. Either home kit mainly sold in the supermarkets or on places like eBay for example is quite a good low cost option but it will require more of your time and regular usage as they are weaker in strength but if you want to dip your toe in the water then this can a good starter option.

Other options can include the bleaching trays offered by many dentists and these are high strength peroxide gels which work very well and soak the enamel by sleeping in the trays overnight. This is not for everyone and it can affect your regular sleep pattern and not be really comfortable but do whiten the teeth effectively.

The last option is the laser whitening system which is done in an hour's session and if effective because of the heating effect of the whitening gel used. This heating reduces the time the gel needs to be on the teeth to whiten them and because of the reduced time this system is becoming very popular with people all over the world.

Always best to speak to your dentist first and ensure the gums and teeth are in good overall dental health before embarking on getting your new smile!

Lots of info can be sourced at Teeth whitening Cambridge ( or at the Natural white teeth website should help on the subject.

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