Which Tooth Whitening?

Making this choice when there are so many products and services on the market is a difficult one but here we talk about the options in some detail.

In any selection of which tooth whitening method there is always going to some positive benefits for you and therefore do not panic about your decision as teeth whitening should be looked at as an ongoing activity because the fact the teeth are likely to re-stain in the future due to their high porous qualities and this is never going to change. Making this decision can happen very quickly for some people as something will happen which triggers something in their head to make them want to have whiter teeth. This can be meeting an old friend you have not seen for a while who has really white teeth or getting out photo books and remembering how white the teeth used to look!

So to make things a bit easier to understand we have categorized things in either DIY or at home products which are lower priced and then higher prices professional services as price will be one of the main selection factors for deciding which tooth whitening method you pick.

Lower priced teeth whitening systems

These whitening mouthwashes claim to whiten the teeth and to be honest if you use a mouthwash everyday then you have little to lose and try these to see if they work.

Again like above they claim to brighten the teeth and changing to using these brands is not going to make a big deal but worth a try. Some of the more gritty pastes like pearl drops work well to remove external type stains.

Whitening strips
Made by crest and other companies can be a good product to use and used regularly you will see a nice change. Because of the strength of the gel used in the strips they are unlikely to remove the deep stains we get when we age so maybe a good starting point when adventuring on your new whitening journey.

Teeth whitening trays
These come with a tube of carbamide peroxide and two mouthguards you mould yourself and have a similar results to the strips. They need to be used regularly but quite good as long as the staining is lighter in the enamel. Again because of the cost well worth trying one and seeing if they work for you.

Higher priced Teeth whitening services

Bleaching trays
These are good to remove the heavier staining we accumulate in the teeth over a period of time. They use a strong hydrogen peroxide gel which can get deep in to the teeth. Need to be used for ten to fourteen days or nights depending on the strength of the gel offered by the dentist.

Laser teeth whitening
This system is powerful, effective, safe and takes around one hour to successfully whiten the teeth and has become popular because of these reasons. Also known as zoom and power whitening but essentially is the same thing with different names.

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