Do Not Be Afraid to Smile

There are not many things in life that are free and smiling is one of them so why is it we are sometimes so afraid to smile well it can be it shows off a discoloured set of teeth and this can make us feel aware and less likely to want to smile.

Smiling sends a positive message to your brain and anyone you meet so it is important we invest enough time and money in our smile and our teeth but it amazes me how many times people forget this magic rule and let the teeth change colour due to drinking tea, coffee, red wine, cola, fruit juices and many other things in our daily routines that stain our teeth including smoking.

We see people place their hand over their mouths when they smile which is ridiculous but you can understand their dilemma and this results in a reduction of self confidence and self esteem and the solution to this is available to these people.

Many times life just gets in our way and we do not notice the teeth changing colour and then one day, wham it hits us when looking at old pictures or even current photos where our teeth make us look old and then this is the point when action begins but it still difficult to understand why it takes so long to recognise!

By keeping really good dental healthcare will also help the teeth stay white and healthy. So brushing twice per day plus flossing can two of the tasks but also ensuring your dentist and hygienist every six months can really help with the teeth looking and being healthy.

The teeth will change colour slowly and this change of colour is most likely to be staining so to remove the staining you will need to open the pores of the enamel and release the trapped staining and this is done by effectively soaking the teeth with a peroxide based gel and the pores open and the staining is released to show your teeth's natural colouration. For many people who smoke or drink copious amounts of tea and coffee then this change can be quite dramatic.

Forty plus years of age and it is best to look at a more professional type of system like the dentists bleaching trays or even power whitening which us done by a light and is fast way of whitening the teeth.

Younger people can also benefit from this type of whitening but because the staining is not so deep this method can be a bit overkill so maybe some crest whitening strips or a home kit which is like the bleaching trays but without specially moulded trays to suit your mouth they come pre-moulded and then you mould yourself in hot water.

Whatever you select you will amazed that smiling feels so good and people around you will also be amazed at the new you so give it a try today and don't wait any longer and remember smiling is free!

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