How to Avoid Getting Your Teeth Yellowish?

Have you noticed how some people have their teeth so white you can almost believe they might blind you? Well I admit it. I often wondered if those teeth were naturally that white. It seems that most people do not naturally have perfectly white teeth. They either pay good money to have them whitened or they take special care of their teeth and have to be much disciplined about their oral hygiene.

For those who lack the finances to afford the expensive dentist visits or whitening products that are available dime a dozen at drugstores and supermarkets, there are alternative (read inexpensive) ways to keep your teeth from yellowing.

First, you can avoid certain foods and beverages that will do quick work of your pearly whites. The main offenders appear to include wine (red mostly) and tea. Also, your morning (and maybe all day) cup of Joe seems to do more than give you a jolt of adrenaline.

It also sticks to your teeth and contribute to turning them yellow. You will need to weigh whether the whiteness of your teeth is more important than your need or taste for coffee and other common drinks such as tea or red wine. This demands a discipline that is somewhat difficult to achieve because giving up all three alleged main offenders could be a gargantuan task, if not an impossible one.

However, if you have the will power to do so, you should see a drastic lessening in the discoloring of your teeth. Another option in this case involves using straws. If the straw is used properly, the beverages should not stain your teeth provided you swallow without swooshing the drink around your teeth. You can also brush your teeth immediately after consuming those drinks in order to remove any excess staining liquid or food before it has a chance to yellow your teeth.

Speaking of brushing your teeth, another method and perhaps the most economical-- involves frequent teeth brushing used in conjunction with a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. Following the advice of your dentist to floss will also do wonders for your teeth.

It is true that most people know and understand the importance of dental hygiene; however people often forget to follow those recommendations. If you remember the talk your dentist gave you, you should brush your teeth after every meal or at least two times a day.

Again, you should not forget to floss as it will remove excess food that are stuck between your teeth and get rid of bacteria and plaque. In fact, this also helps with how well your breath smells. Admit it, people don't just look at how white your teeth are, they also pay attention to your breath.

If it smells bad, the whitest teeth in the world will not redeem that bad impression. You might even be forever known as "the guy or girl with bad breath"; but that is a topic for another article.

In short, if you have an iron will and can discipline yourself to avoid the main foods and drinks that contribute to yellowing your teeth, then do so. The "white teeth" rewards will be great. However, you can also choose the alternative and combine the steps outlined above to achieve your goal. The key is consistency and it should give you teeth that are healthy, shiny, clean and of course pearly white.

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