Dental Cleanings Are For More Than Looks

Much of the attention these days, when many of us are trying to keep up with fashion, keep our bodies in shape and look our very best, is upon the way that our teeth and smile look. Appearances are certainly important and whether or not we like it, the fact is that many people rely heavily upon appearance when they make their first impressions of others. But while cosmetics and the benefits of cosmetic dentistry play a big part in today's dental industry, and a beautiful smile can be a tremendous asset to have, keeping our teeth clean and white goes far beyond just looks and grooming.

Dental cleanings, whether done at home when brushing and flossing after meals or by dental hygienists and dentists during our routine visits to the dentist office, are a critical component of our dental health. And because they are so important for our dental health, and dental health connects to our overall health, dental cleanings are vital to our general health and well being.

Without proper dental hygiene and clean teeth it is possible, and much more likely, that we will get infections in the mouth. Some of these infections are caused by bits of food left in the mouth to deteriorate and breed bacteria. If we do not clean our teeth sufficiently and leave behind particles of food then those tiny bits of food can actually start to break down.

As that chemical breakdown happens, the teeth that are next to these particles will be impacted in a negative way by the harmful bacteria that accumulates. Soon the bacteria will begin to feed on and weaken the tooth, and a cavity starts to develop. Left unchecked and untreated, the cavity expands, breaking down the wall of the tooth as it penetrates the tooth enamel and invades the pulpy and delicate central core of the tooth. From there an infection can spread rapidly along the root canal. Regular dental cleanings will prevent this from occurring.

When we do our own dental cleaning by brushing and flossing, it prevents this avalanche of unwanted events from getting started in the first place. So regular tooth and gum care not only makes our smile look brighter and nicer but it can protect our teeth, our gums, and our overall physical health. When the dentist does a professional cleaning, it not only improves our smile and looks but has a positive impact on our general health. The dental professional is also looking for signs of decay, swelling or inflammation of the gums, and other symptoms of trouble or clues that there may be a problem starting. The dentist or dental hygienist can examine the teeth and gums and simultaneously clean them thoroughly.

They can also apply preventative solutions such as fluoride that help us ward off dental disease while strengthening our tooth enamel. The teeth get cleaned, they are whiter and brighter, and we get not just a better looking smile but also the confidence of knowing that our dental health is being protected.

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