Your Infant and Teething

Teething is basically the process of your baby's first tooth development. During the start of this development process, the lower tooth usually comes in front of the upper one. It is usually seen that female children develop the process of teething earlier then male ones.

The start of this process of teething differs in every baby and it is not necessary then every baby starts teething at the same time. However, it is observed that usually this process starts when the child is at least six months old. Also, at times parents are afraid because after the development of the first tooth the child does not show the growth of other teeth. This is not something to worry about but it generally happens because of hereditary or nutritional issues. This is the reason why it is said that baby's should be given as much calcium as they can bear in their initial months.

Teeth do not develop from scratch but they are already there when we are born. At the time of birth, there are teeth buds present in our gums that later grow into teeth. Ameloblasts are the cells that form our tooth enamel and later on help in the development of our teeth. Ameloblasts basically are responsible for providing mineral contents to the enamel when it is getting deposited. Ameloblasts tend to disappear completely when the tooth is totally developed and it is finally in the erupting stages.

Odontoblasts are the cells that are found in the inner layer of the teeth. These cells are permanent ones and are there in the inner layers till we die. They are responsible for providing dentin to the teeth whenever required. The process is carried on by these cell adding minor amounts of dentin to the teeth. The process of eruption usually takes place in pairs. The front two teeth are usually the first ones to come out and gradually the whole set is completed with the teething process being carried on. The overall teething pattern on both directions differs from each other. However, every baby has a different pattern of this growth and there is no one fix growth pattern. This teething pattern continues until a set of 20 teeth is finally there. This first set of teeth is known as baby teeth.

During the process of teething there are various health related issues that a baby can face. These issues that arise because of teething are known as teething problems. Every baby shows different types of baby problems. In some of the cases, the pain of eruption gets too much for the baby while in some it is bearable. The most common signs of teething are:

- Swelling in the gums

- Irritation

- Not eating food

- Vomiting

- Problems in sleeping

- Diarrhea

- Drooling

- Fever

- Prone towards biting

- Rashes in some cases may also occur

Also, it should be noted that in not every case these problems occur due to teething but in some cases they occur because of the metabolic changes the baby undergoes. This is confused by the symptoms of teething by many of us. Therefore, it is imperative to consult your doctor whenever your baby shows these symptoms in order to know what it is exactly about.

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