Teeth Whitening For a Bright Winning Smile

When you meet someone having a bright smile is really quite a powerful thing as it radiates beauty, success and a healthy smile.

Teeth whitening can help you with this as it helps to manage the stains caused by just about everything we place in our mouths. This range from just about everything as it has colorants in them ranging from the obvious like tea,cola, coffee, curries, sauces like pasta, tomato, gravies, soya sauce in many Chinese foods and much more.

What i say to people is not to get too fixated with what is staining our teeth otherwise life might be so fun. Imagine not drinking coffee or enjoying the odd curry so we can balance the staining things we love to consume every day against having white teeth but need to think about the teeth whitening process as ongoing and not just a one hit wonder.

Look at it another way. People who exercise regularly never need to worry about what they eat because they are working hard at consuming the calories. People who have to watch what they eat rarely exercise and this is the same as teeth whitening in that you need to do the activity regularly.

What is the best way to achieve an ongoing smile?

For the initial whitening you can choose from systems like laser whitening or power whitening which offer a fast way of whitening in just one hour or opt for the tray based systems like the bleaching trays which take slight longer to whiten the teeth but you have the trays for future usage.

People tend to like the instant option and that is why the laser system is very popular because you walk in with whiter teeth and walk out with whiter ones! This option also means that other lying on the couch for an hour there is no effort required on your part and this alone is a benefit to time precious or busy individuals.

Now after the initial whitening you need to think about the best way of keep the teeth looking bright. It is simply not viable to keep having high strength whitening as the teeth will only get as white as they are naturally so pointless keep trying to over-whiten teeth as the underlying dentin control the ultimate whiteness of the teeth and this cannot be whitened in the same way as the enamel which sits above the dentin.

The teeth whitening strips which are a tap based whitening system which lies on the teeth made by crest are a good way of keeping the teeth really bright going forward. There are other options like home whitening trays which use a lower strength gel to whiten and both options if used once every 4-8 weeks will keep the teeth looking great and maintain your smile.

Smiling is free and your yellow teeth need not be a barrier to stop smiling without fear as there are plenty of options to help you whiten the teeth to give enhanced confidence.

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