Laser Teeth Whitening
Although we may enjoy our favourite drinks wines and foods, the strongly coloured ones unfortunately have a tendency to discolour our teeth. The most damaging ones are drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and cola.
By A.Afolabi
Internal Tooth Whitening
When we talk about internal tooth whitening we are generally referring to the deep whitening that is performed by professionals or dentists to get back a new whiter smile. When we age the teeth change their colour and this makes the teeth...
By Jason Scott Edworthy
Practicing Good Dental Care
Today everybody desires having a beautiful smile that is enhanced by beautiful white teeth. However, in order to obtain this beautiful smile and great teeth, you must properly maintain your teeth.This maintenance of your teeth is referred to as...
By Brent McNutt
The Teething Process For Your Baby
Teething, oh what a trial for you as the parent and your little one, as those first teeth start to come through the baby's gums. Cutting teeth is very painful for your baby, and the gums may become swollen and irritated. This process can start as...
By Freddie Brister
Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Five Most Common Dental Problems
The reason models, movie stars and celebrities have such dazzling smiles is because they have straight and shiny white teeth. But truth be told, natural dental perfection comes quite rarely. Only a select few grow up with perfectly straight teeth...
By Miles Turner
12 Tips For Choosing the Right Dentist
If you have some dental problems to be taken care of, it can be done only with the help of an efficient dentist you are comfortable with. With so many dentists for you to choose from, here are some tips to find the one who will help you maintain...
By Scott Richardson
Why You Should Plan to Visit the Dentist
Why don't you plan to visit the dentist? We as a society are much more comfortable with the idea of a physician's visit than we are with the idea of a dental visit. Why?
By Adrianna Noton
Teeth Whitening For a Bright Winning Smile
When you meet someone having a bright smile is really quite a powerful thing as it radiates beauty, success and a healthy smile. Teeth whitening can help you with this as it helps to manage the stains caused by just about everything we place...
By Jason Scott Edworthy
Get White Teeth For a Better Smile
Your teeth can be one of your best assets if they are even and white. A bright open smile is said to be the best adornment a person can have. You should therefore do all you can to keep your teeth clean and gleaming white.
By Felix Lehmann
Are Dental Implants a Good Option For You?
If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants should be considered as an option because the gap that is created in your mouth by a missing tooth or teeth can cause a myriad of problems from jaw misalignment to degeneration of your gum and...
By Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS
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