Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Between At-Home and Professional Teeth Whitening Services
Choosing between at-home teeth-whitening treatments and professional laser methods can be challenging. A number of factors can play a role in determining which treatment method is right for you. Here are five questions to consider...
By Deanna Warfield
Taking Care of Oral Hygiene and Dental Health
There are different dental disorders that may be suffered by a patient and a dentist needs to be ready to provide the needed dental care. Dental pain is considered to be an unbearable condition that needs emergency care and...
By Peter Morgans
Which Tooth Whitening?
Making this choice when there are so many products and services on the market is a difficult one but here we talk about the options in some detail. In any selection of which tooth whitening method there is always going to some positive benefits...
By Jason Scott Edworthy
Do Not Be Afraid to Smile
There are not many things in life that are free and smiling is one of them so why is it we are sometimes so afraid to smile well it can be it shows off a discoloured set of teeth and this can make us feel aware and less likely to want to smile.
By Jason Scott Edworthy
Gel Tooth Whitening
One of the most asked questions is what type of gel get used in tooth whitening and here we try and answer the question without getting too complicated. Teeth whitening has seen a dramatic increase over the last few years as the rise of...
By Jason Scott Edworthy
The Advantages and Facts About Veneers
There is simply no denying the fact that a beautiful smile reflects confidence and is the best tool in social interaction. With a beautiful smile, people feel more comfortable about meeting others face to face and can effectively express their...
By Jerry Taylor
How to Avoid Getting Your Teeth Yellowish?
Have you noticed how some people have their teeth so white you can almost believe they might blind you? Well I admit it. I often wondered if those teeth were naturally that white.
By Irsan Kao
Tooth Whitening - How White Can They Be?
You may already be familiar with some of the basic approaches to whitening your teeth - using over-the-counter products or professional services from your dentist (in-office treatments or custom-fitted trays for at-home use). However, what many...
By D.D. Smith
Dental Cleanings Are For More Than Looks
Much of the attention these days, when many of us are trying to keep up with fashion, keep our bodies in shape and look our very best, is upon the way that our teeth and smile look. Appearances are certainly important and whether or not we like it...
By Dr. Gianino
Your Infant and Teething
Teething is basically the process of your baby's first tooth development. During the start of this development process, the lower tooth usually comes in front of the upper one. It is usually seen that female children develop the process of...
By Colby Brister
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