Life After Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that can plague its survivors emotionally even after it has been cured. Surviving cancer is a feat in itself and can sometimes leave emotional scars on the person's minds. However, a person brave enough to fight this fatal disease certainly has the courage to survive against all odds. The trick is to believe in oneself and continue living life to the fullest.

Cancer survivors also have other concerns at hand. They pose a major risk for recurrent cancer. Sometimes the excessive chemo and radiation therapy can cause damage to the heart and cause heart diseases at a later stage. Therefore, it is important for cancer survivors to get regular check ups done. Cancer survivors are known to suffer from psychological disorders. The survivors are constantly under the notion that the cancer might return, and they also sometimes expect the same sympathy that was meted out to them during their treatment. Therefore, along with regular medical check ups it may be necessary to seek psychiatric help as well.

The duration of the treatment can also affect the mental health of the patients. Treatments that span long durations can make it difficult for the patients to return to normal life. The expenses incurred during the treatment can also disturb the emotional health of the patients.

Many children survive cancer and these young survivors tend to get more emotionally affected than adult survivors. Battling with a fatal disease at a tender age can pose serious risks to mental health. It is important for parents to understand the children and treat them with care. Regular visits to psychiatrists will help children in overcoming the trauma faced during the treatment. Children should be well educated about their condition.

Many societies and non profits have been formed to help cancer survivors share their experiences. These societies bring cancer survivors together and encourage them to share their experiences. Sharing such stories certainly helps others to learn from the experiences. It is a great source of unburdening the tensions.

It is important for peers and family members to watch out for tell tale signs of depression especially in young children. Young children tend to keep quiet about their feelings and therefore, it is should be absolutely essential to talk to them openly. Self help and counseling groups play an important role by bringing together survivors of all age groups. They encourage them to narrate the tales of their survival and the counseling held by these groups takes care of the emotional needs of its members. It helps them to reveal the innermost queries hidden in their minds regarding the disease. Young survivors are taught the meaning of life and are asked to concentrate on what lies ahead of them.

Scientists have found that cancer is known to also cause fatigue. The groups also suggest coping strategies to its members. There is usually no fee for admission to such clubs or it is very nominal. The main motto of these organizations is to put the life of cancer survivors back on track by giving them a place to speak their hearts out without the fear of being ignored by society.

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