Reolysin a Possible Drug For Cancer

A recent clinical trial conducted, shows that Reovirus, an entity that resides in the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract can assist patients undergoing radioactivity even for the most advanced cancers without forming new symptoms.

The use of a new drug, Reolysin coupled with radiotherapy prevented tumours from growing any further in patients diagnosed with cancer. In some cases the tumours actually shrank. The reason for Reolysin to induce such an effect on the body is the presence of particles of Reovirus.

One patient who had a huge mass in his salivary gland underwent this treatment and his tumour shrank considerably well. It reduced to be nominal size and this tumour could be easily removed by performing a routine surgery. Another patient who was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the skin was still found to be alive and well almost 18 months after undergoing this treatment.

People who were otherwise irresponsive to traditional therapies including radiation underwent this treatment and found some pain relief and improvement in their condition. Close to 25 patients who suffering from tumours in the bowel, lung, ovaries and their skin were part of this clinical trial and all of them felt that their pain was slightly alleviated and their tumours seemed less malignant.

All patients were given injections of Reolysin varying between two and six depending on the stage of cancer presenting in their bodies. These injections were given in escalating doses and were given in combination with low and high doses of radiation.

With the primary aim of this clinical trial being to establish the validity of the use of Reolysin, researches took extreme caution and were pleased to note that tumours had shrunk or stopped growing in all of the 14 patients checked for tumours. The scientists reported in the journal 'Clinical Cancer Research' that this was the first step to a more promising tomorrow.

Every drug has a few side effects and Reolysin in no different. A few side effects were experienced by the patients, the good news being that these side effects were mild and similar to the side effects patients' experience when undergoing radiation alone.

Dr. Kevin Harrington, the leader of the research from the Institute of Cancer Research in London quoted that the absence of any extreme side effects in this trial is extremely reassuring for other such trials in the future for patients who look for better and more safer options to treat their cancer. He continued to say that now that the treatment has be proven to be valid, the next step is to use the combination of Reolysin and radiation on patients recently diagnosed with cancers which would generally be treated with radiation alone.

Reolysin is manufactured by Oncolytics Biotech Inc., a Canadian pharmaceutical company. The Chief executive and President of Oncolytics Biotech Inc., Dr. Brad Thompson said that the clinical trials conducted using the combination of Reolysin and radiation have indeed helped restrict the growth of tumours and further investigation can possibly lead to a better understanding of the mechanism involved.

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