What to Expect Following Lung Cancer Surgery
Depending on the stage of the disease, and the location and size of the tumor, you may be a candidate for lung cancer surgery. There are a few approaches and each is based on the growth of the abnormal mass.
By Elizabeth L Perkins
Life After Cancer?
Cancer is a disease that can plague its survivors emotionally even after it has been cured. Surviving cancer is a feat in itself and can sometimes leave emotional scars on the person's minds.
By Samuel Peterson
Steps in Reducing the Risks of Breast Cancer
Here are a few steps which will help reduce the risks of breast cancer to a great extent. These steps are not only useful in reducing the risks of breast cancer but also to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.
By Roberto Sedycias
Tests Used to Diagnose Lung Cancer
Evidence of lung cancer (LC) is often detected during a routine examination or while the doctor is taking x-rays to assess another condition. At that point, the disease is merely a suspicion.
By Elizabeth L Perkins
Reolysin a Possible Drug For Cancer
A recent clinical trial conducted, shows that Reovirus, an entity that resides in the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract can assist patients undergoing radioactivity even for the most advanced cancers without forming new symptoms.
By Samuel Peterson
What is a PCA3 Test?
The PCA3 test is a relatively new way of assessing prostate cancer risk, introduced in the UK in 2007. It is based on using genetic technology to assess prostate cancer risk and therefore works in a different way to the standard PSA test.
By Vincent Rogers
What Is DCIS Breast Cancer And Find Out How To Determine It
DCIS, or else known as ductal carcinoma in situ, is a relatively recent diagnosis although breast cancer have been around for a long time. DCIS is cells growing inappropriately within the ducts of the breast.
By Chris Hilton
5 Straightforward Ways To Forestall Cancer
While there are many illnesses and medical conditions that should concern you, cancer is one that should not be overlooked. This is one of the most unusual traits of cancer as it is not categorized as a singular disease...
By Beth Hoover
Colon Cancer: Risks and Prevention
Cancer: it's not a word that anyone really wants to hear. While not necessarily a death sentence, cancer is an illness that does have a high mortality rate depending on where in the body it strikes. Read on as we examine what can be done to...
By Abel Travers