Build a Better Nation, Pay Your Taxes Regularly
Paying taxes is an obligation that every individual with a sound mind will do regularly and would rather do it timely rather than risk of having to owe the IRS of back taxes. Yes, taxes are a burdensome obligation, and you have paid it ever since...
By Christian Malcolm
The Complete Personal Income Tax Guide 2014
Income tax savings require planning and being proactive throughout the assessment year. With the income tax return deadline just around the corner, it is the season where everyone try to maximise their income tax deductions through various...
By Iris Lee
Small Business and Tax Responsibilities
Make no mistake, in business everyone has their own tax responsibilities they must be aware of. It certainly pays to always get your own tax advice and input from professional sources.
By Naz Daud
Real Estate Tax Credits - How to Take Advantage and Save Money
There are presently two common types of real estate tax credits in the U.S. that are applicable to residential homebuyers. Let's take a look at these two types of tax credits and their effect on the housing market.
By Jim Callahan
How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund Back?
A common question heard at tax time is "how long does it take to get my refund back?" Consumers, especially those struggling in tough economic times, look forward to the financial boost that a tax refund gives. The good news is that the IRS...
By Jack Newton
Tax Debt Relief - the Basic Facts You Need to Know
Owing the IRS back taxes is a stressful situation to find yourself in. If you owe the IRS it is important to understand your rights and options for getting out of tax debt. The good news is that there are ways to get tax debt relief and there are...
By Jim Callahan
IRS Bank Account Levy: Understand Why the IRS Uses Them
Many people ask the same question time after time: why does the IRS use bank levies? This is a great question, and one that has one main answer. The IRS uses levies as a way of collecting money to satisfy a tax debt. You may feel that this is a...
By Manny Davis
When Can I Deduct Rental Car Costs on My Income Tax?
Can I deduct rental car costs on my income tax is a question that is often asked by people who rent cars and trucks from car rental outlets. There are so many reasons that these taxes are being imposed and these will be revealed in the article...
By Adrianna Noton
Tax Debt: How to Get Over With it in Simple Steps
You keep on getting the IRS letter and more you are getting into trouble of tax debt. Now, you must find out some ways to stop and come out of this vicious circle of tax debt. It might be tough for you to even start the tax debt methodologies...
By Irsan Komarga
Possible IR35 Legislation Reform
IR35 is a UK tax rule that applies to contractors and freelancers and helps ensure that people with certain employment statuses are taxed fairly. The rules set out under IR35 have come under heavy criticism and is set for reform under...
By Sandra Hornby