Islamic Banking Deposit: How Does It Work
Islamic Banking refers to banking and financial services based on the principles of Shariah, which importantly prohibit the payment or acceptance of interest ("Riba") stemming from the fact that money is perceived only as a medium of exchange...
By Ching Wei Lee
Why Fixed Deposits are Worth Investing In
It's really not hard to see why fixed deposits are so common as an investment choice especially for first-time investors. These types of bank products can provide one with a moderately good return, without the need to take big risks. Read on...
By Ching Wei Lee
Fixed Deposit - What You Need To Know
Despite their simplicity, some fixed deposit offerings come with a range of features. Below, we discuss some of the common features that you may come across when you compare fixed deposits offered by banks in Malaysia.
By Ching Wei Lee
3 Disadvantages Of Fixed Deposit Investment
The fixed term can vary, and depending on the term you choose, the interest you earn on your fixed deposit can vary as well. As attractive as they can be, fixed deposits may not necessarily be suitable for everyone.
By Ching Wei Lee
What Happens When You Terminate a Fixed Deposit Account before It Expires?
What happens if you're forced to withdraw the money you've put into a fixed deposit account before it expires? Would you lose all your interest? Or worse still, would you end up paying a penalty in addition to losing your interest?
By Ching Wei Lee
10 Important Personal Finance Tips For Surviving A Recession
When a recession hits, it is difficult to adjust to the financial effects of it. Some lucky people remain unaffected at work, but heightened costs for living expenses and necessities can present challenges. The following 10 tips explain creative...
By Anthony King
How to Save Money on Gas
With the cost of gas on the rise, owning a car nowadays is more expensive then ever. While many people are opting for more cost-efficient forms of transportation, the reality is that for many people, owning a car is an essential part of life.
By Adrianna Noton
Personal Finance: Its Planning and Importance
To request for the rules of finance for the economic condition of the family or any person, then this is termed as personal finance. This personal finance term has broad meaning, as it involves customs, where the people or the families achieve...
By Irsan Komarga
How to Make Money
One of the common concerns of people is how to make money. They ask this question every day, especially when they observe peers or acquaintances who seem to be flourishing financially, or read success stories in magazines of those who have...
By Roger Thompson
Making Your Finances Bullet Proof
While most people do have some sort of financial hardship at some point in their life there is a way to make your finances as bullet proof as possible. Here are some tips which can help you make the right decision.
By Shaun Rosenberg