How to Get Great Deals at Department Stores

Many people love to shop at department stores because they can do all of their shopping in just one place. From clothing to jewellery and household appliances to bathroom rugs, you can find pretty much anything here.

Of course, what many shoppers don't know is that it is actually possible to get bargains at department stores. Here are some tips on how to get great deals:

1. Watch out for sales.

Most department stores have seasonal sales in order to make room for new stocks. Department stores are usually advertised in television commercials and local newspapers. Although the number of sale items may be limited, you might want to be first in line if you're serious about looking for great bargains.

2. Keep an eye out for coupons.

Websites and local newspapers are great places to look for department store coupons. Coupons offer either a discount on a particular item or take a certain percentage off from your final total. Some coupons offer free shipping if you shop online at the department store's website.

3. Subscribe to the department store's newsletter or mailing list.

A store's newsletter or mailing list is a great way to obtain information on special sales that may not be advertised in newspapers or on television. Store newsletters are also a great place to find coupons.

4. Get a rewards card.

Many department stores offer a rewards card to frequent shoppers. A rewards card can sometimes be a discount card used at the cash register. Other times, a rewards card makes use of a points system that allows you to obtain rebates or claim a prize later on.

5. Head to the back of the department store.

Ask the customer service department where you can find clearance items or items that are no longer in season. Many department stores place leftover sale or clearance items towards the back of the department store and offer these items at a lower cost. If it's the middle of the summer but you find that you can get a great deal on a winter coat, then make the most of the bargain and just store it until the winter season comes along.

6. Try shopping in the middle of the week.

Most people think that sales only occur during the weekend. Contrary to popular belief, many department stores offer special marked down prices during the middle of the week in order to make room for newer items to be displayed during the weekend. If you're looking for a great bargain and don't necessarily look for the latest styles, then try heading to the department store on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

7. Look out for slightly damaged items.

At a department store, keep an eye out for items that with slightly dented, open or damaged boxes. These items can usually be found at the bottom or the back of the shelves. Don't be afraid to ask the store manager if you can get a lower price on slightly damaged items. The store will need to eventually clear these items out in order to make room for newer merchandise and might even be happy that someone wants to purchase these rejects.

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