4 Types of Resumes You Can Write

The rationale of writing a resume is to unveil your qualifications and accomplishments to the company. In short your resume is your promotional brochure. You have to give them an idea about your accomplishments and your experience. Your approach must be to give emphasis on the skills and experience that a particular company is in quest of. Your resume also exhibits your organizational and communicational skills. There are different types of resume to apply for different jobs. The four major types of resumes; are the functional resume, the chronological resume, combination resume and lastly the targeted resume. You must select the type of resume according to the job you are looking for and the experience you have.

Different Types of Resumes

1. Functional Resumes: This type of resume is fit for the people having too little or too much experience. The functional resume helps you to highlight your skills and abilities you have earned being a volunteer, student or through your hobby. It is helpful when you do not possess years of experience working in the hospitality industry. The functional resume covers your inadequacy of lacking industry experience and allows you to underline your potency. If you select any other type of resume it will take more than two pages to cover your inadequacy. A functional resume help you to organize the repeated information while describing your accountability and conscientiousness on several jobs.

2. Chronological Resumes: The resume which holds a list of all the jobs you have done is called the chronological resume. It typically begins with your most recent job. Therefore it is the best type of resume for the aspirants having several years of experience. It leaves a great impact on the interviewer if the job descriptions you have mentioned show an escalating amount of liability and responsibility. In the customized chronological resume, you can change the order of your jobs with the purpose of keeping the most relevant one on the top.

3. Combination Resumes: The career consultants and the professional resume services often suggest opting for the combination resume, that is the combination of the preeminent features of a functional and a chronological resume. In a combination resume there is a review of your functional achievements and skills followed by your work record mentioned in the chronological order. Another combination resume contains your jobs in chronological order, and your achievements and skills take the place of the duties and responsibilities.

4. Targeted Resumes: Targeted resume can actually be any one of these three resumes, but it is written for a particular designation and for a particular company. If you know about the specific job opening and the company you can use the targeted resume. Candidate can use the targeted resume if they want to work with a specific company and know that there are vacancies available for the job you are fit for, without mentioning the job opening directly. If you believe that you are fit for more than one job there, you have to create a targeted resume for each job.

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