Infographic: Are you guilty of these 10 CV Crimes?
A jury of recruiters will inevitably judge your employability and potential on the basis of your CV, so why not examine the 10 exhibits below to establish if your CV would hold up in court? Are you guilty as charged?
By Lis McGuire
How to Craft an Effective Resume at Any Level of Experience
No matter which industry you're in or how many years you've been in it, crafting a resume can present a challenge. For instance, if you're fresh out of college, you probably don't have extensive job experience to list for potential employers, but...
By Taylor Thomas
How to Find a Certified Professional Resume Writer
Wondering how to find a Certified Professional Resume Writer? They're hiding in plain sight in one of two professional associations. Here are some tips and advice on finding a Certified Professional Resume Writer for your project.
By David Alan Carter
Creating a Web Presence For Your Job Search
Many people don't realize just how important it is to create a positive web presence when in the midst of a job search. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that a major employer will spend some time Google-ing you before they decide whether...
By Heather Eagar
5 Useful Tips to Write an Effective Resume
When it is about writing a good resume, there are no particular cast-iron rules or exact formats that you should stick to, though, your resume must be in tune with the definite job, which you are applying for. Moreover, it must be to the point...
By Anna Stewart
Resume Information - Are You Hiding Your Best Resume Information?
Your resume information that matters the most, the good stuff that lands interviews, may be hiding in plain sight. Make it visible and put it to work. Anyone who has been in the workforce for a few years has access to lots of information that...
By David Alan Carter
Resume Problems - Does This Resume Make Me Look Low Tech?
Resume problems can make you look low tech in the eyes of prospective employers. Not a good thing. Here's how to identify, and fix, these resume problems.
By David Alan Carter
What Should be Included in Your Executive Resume
Writing executive resumes can be a challenging project, especially when you don't write them on a regular basis. One reason this is the case is because they are so much more entailed than other resumes.
By Heather Eagar
Guide to Write a Resume: 4 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd
You've got 15 seconds to tell me three things that make you a great employee. Now, you've got 10 seconds. Five seconds. Buzz! Times up. While you were reading that, could you think of even one thing to say?
By Brenda Ballentine
4 Types of Resumes You Can Write
The rationale of writing a resume is to unveil your qualifications and accomplishments to the company. In short your resume is your promotional brochure. You have to give them an idea about your...
By Anna Stewart
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