10 Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Do you have a job interview coming up? Prepare to ace your interview by reviewing these ten frequently asked interview questions.

Why did you leave your last job?

This is crucial. The answer to this question will tell the interviewer just how long you "MIGHT" stay in the company. It will also give them an idea on whether or not leaving your previous job was your or your past company's decision.

What do you have to offer that convinces you this company is best for you?

Keep it short and sweet. Also, be honest. You really need to know the reason you feel you are a good fit for the company with which you are applying. Is it the product? The company culture? Lack of choices?

What inspires you? What's your passion?

Employers need to know the things that put you in the mood to do your best so they can make it a part of your employee growth plans. It also helps them create an environment that's conducive for productive work.

What ticks you off?

Be honest. It pays to let them know the things that could get in the way of your work. Tell them if you don't like a boss that micro manages or loud music or gossip. Companies will generally try to accommodate requests of employees when they can.

What's your ideal job?

Companies do create a plan for employee growth. Knowing what your end goal is will guide them on how they could help reach your goal. Retention is a primary concern for many companies and the last thing they need is to lose employees to another company. Being able to fulfill the goals of an employee helps them keep their employees.

What's your greatest achievement?

Make sure your achievement is unique and may be substantiated. There's nothing wrong with saying that your greatest achievement has something to do with your family, as long as it will show your priority.

What's your greatest failure or disappointment?

It is meant to reveal something about your personality. Everyone has a disappointment so don't evade the question. Be specific but also ensure that whatever you say will show the interviewer how analytical you are. Say something about not being able to meet your standards rather than someone else's or a decision you didn't make and you don't know how things would have panned out but also emphasize what you learned from it.

What do you do to unwind or pass the time?

You need to make the interviewer realize that you do have a life outside of work. The healthier your social life is, the better you are going to be at work because it means you have enough inspiration in your life.

How do your colleagues see you?

Don't make it sound like you are too perfect. Try to be as close to the truth as possible. Say something about your work ethic. Leave out the personal stuff. Focus on how they perceive your attitude towards work.

Do you want to add anything to what we have discussed?

This is your last pitch, your last hurrah so use it well. Say something that will convince him you are meant to be in this company and it will be a big loss if he passes you up.

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