5 Tips For You to Have a Great Interview

Our lives are filled today with many different kinds of newspapers and magazines as well as Ezines. All these contain interviews and articles about many famous people as well as people who are experts in their own respective field. Any person who would like to become a smart and successful journalist can create a strong foundation by conducting some good interviews of some famous personalities as well as field experts.

However, a lot of preliminary preparation will have to be done before the actual process of conducting the interview is commenced. Many journalists have found it extremely difficult to get an appointment with the personality whose interview they would like to conduct. A little bit of prior preparation and a slightly unconventional approach could get any hard working journalist that one interview which could prove to be the biggest break in his or her career as a journalist. When interviews of these famous people and experts get published, the career of the concerned journalist will grow by leaps and bounds.

The following 5 simple steps need to be followed in order to provide that extra special to the interview:

1. Preliminary Research - Complete and in-depth research on the subject of the interview or the person whose interview is about to be taken, should be done. The past of the person should be delved into completely since any small or trivial detail could prove to be useful while conducting the interview. Even details like the school or college attended by them and how they came to set foot in the particular area of interest should be understood. All this information could prove to be quite useful in order to get an appointment to interview the specific person. Points of common interest between the journalist and the subject of the interview should also be found out in order to establish a friendly rapport with the interview subject. This will help in hiding the element of inexperience especially if the journalist is conducting his or her first interview.

2. Practice Session - Before making the call in order to fix an appointment for the interview, it is necessary to practice what you will say in order to get the interview appointment. Any modifications to the tone can be done during the course of this practice session. This will also help in removing all signs of nervousness. In case the request for an interview is being placed by email, then a few rough drafts should be prepared before the final draft of the email is sent.

3. Complete Questions List - A complete list of questions to be asked should be prepared and they should also be organized according to the degree of importance. This will also help you to ask the right questions in the event of time running short.

4. React According To Reply - Every journalist should be prepared to follow the direction being provided by the subject of the interview or the person being interviewed. The person might go in a direction which was not planned but the journalist should be able to follow at a moments notice.

5. Thank The Subject - The journalist should make sure that he or she sends an official thank you note to the subject after the interview has been completed. A copy of the interview after printing should also be sent without fail.

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