Making a Good Impression in a Job Interview

There is something nerve-racking when we hear the work job interview. We feel a certain fear and excitement bursting out of us but at the same time we have to keep our composure and make our presence resonating. A job interview is also different. It is like a social experience though brought about by the need of economics and corporate needs. For those who are new graduates or even though who have work experience already, making first impressions are critical in getting accepted in the job.

Here are some important tips to ensure that you have your first impression a good one:

Consider your look. Depending on the work condition, be it something artistic, a casting, or a structured corporate interview, an aspiring individual must be able to look the part. If for example in a more common set up, wearing a smart casual attire or even a full suite would help you out on your job interview look. Aside from looking the part, proper hygiene and grooming would also be good to make sure you are physically ready.

Remember to bring your necessary tools of the trade. Bring your resume, portfolio, slides, CDs, cassettes, scripts, music pieces and any other things that you might need for the interview or audition. It is like being a camper but with fewer tools.

You do not necessarily need to practice a speech. But it is necessary to have a good idea about the nature of the job interview. If you have been called for interview because of your job search posting, look at the company's background and the nature of the possible job to have an idea on what you should focus on talking about.

It is not just about what you say that matters. I have seen in a lot of interviewers already, be it the HR or CEO interviewing hat they look at your posture and your hand signals and overall non verbal cues. It is essential to be aware but be affected by it too much. Avoid fidgeting and make eye contact. If you see their eyes moving and looking at your hands, you might be fidgeting already.

Know thyself. You hand in your resume and when the interviewer asks you something about yourself and you completely went blank. Composure and presence of mind is necessary. If you did not catch the question clearly, ask politely but do not skip on questions as it might seem like you are hiding something.

Depending on what your personality is, it is best to try and be pleasant without looking too desperate. An interviewer is there to look at your qualifications and not just because you have a story that could win you a spot in a reality series. Professional attitude with a touch of personality is always the best way to go.

These are the most practical yet effective ways to make a first impression on an interview. Be at your best but remember to keep it cool and be yourself, not the bad side of course. A professional environment requires you to take part in any transactions in a professional manner. Have a great and successful job interview!

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