How to Avoid Tardiness

Employees have got their own reasons for being late but if this became habitual, excuses might no longer be acceptable. You might also be unconsciously building up a bad reputation about punctuality so putting an end to this tardiness is necessary.

Not only that your adherence and attendance will be affected but being consistently late also shows disrespect to your manager. Tardiness will also create a stain in your career and this means that you need to take action before everything gets worse. Here are the steps on how you can make a change to eliminate this everyday sickness.

Sleep early

If you are having a hard time on waking up, it might be implying that you didn't have enough sleep. Figure out if waking up early is the main reason why you are late and make some adjustments on your bed time if possible. Take enough rest and sleep and don't forget to set up the alarm.

Be organized

One problem of employees who are always late is organization. The people behind this are those who cram when they get to office or before they leave the house. They sometimes leave without checking everything that they need to bring and ends up coming back to the house to search for the stuffs. This can all be prevented if you are organized with your things at home. Prepare everything you need in one place, meet them and place them all in your bag before you go.

Give enough time to get ready

For slowpokes and for those who have a lot of activities before going to work such as preparing food for the kids, walking the dog, routine exercise and a lot more, wake up early and give enough time for these activities. Make sure that these activities won't affect your punctuality at work and if you won't be able to find time in the morning, there are some activities that you can entrust to someone else or do it once you get back from work.

Adjust the time

For people who really needs a push on waking up or getting things ready, it is effective to adjust your watch or alarm 10-20 minutes before the office clock. This guarantees you enough time to prepare and feel good that you won't be late for work.

Give enough time for travel

Traffic is the most uttered word of employees who comes in late for work. They say the word even though no one is asking why they were late. The solution for this is very simple. If you are giving yourself enough time to prepare for work, then you must give ample time for your journey as well. You can control your preparations at home but the same thing can't be done on the road.

Remember that it is not fun to keep someone else waiting or arrive late when everyone else arrived on time. Every time that you are late, your manager and your colleagues are being badly affected and disrespected. Keep this all in mind to wake yourself up about the red marks in your time card.

Jensen Carlyle writes for Arden Coaching, a leader in the executive coaching profession across the United States.

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