Roughneck Jobs - The Timid Need Not Apply

The 1990s movie Armageddon starring Ben Afleck and Bruce Willis introduced the roughneck to the world on the big screen. The roughneck is someone who works or is employed in an oil field. Whether at land or sea in rigs, there are many kinds of roughneck jobs. Most of these jobs are lucrative and an attractive option for some. This is a short discussion on what kinds of jobs are available in the industry.

How much then can I make as a roughneck or you for that matter? In a year how much does an oil industry worker make? Of course this all depends on the position that one is entering in the industry as different levels and duties have different pay scales. This short discussion will look at some of the most common jobs in the oil industry and their respective remunerations.

Starting with the cooks who makes sure everyone is well nourished and fed throughout the entire 24 hours and the respective shifts, this position roughly pays 35,000 to 42,000 a year. This is roughly the same level as what galley hands make. Galle hands are basically the starters or trainees in the oil industry who will do more important jobs later on.

More skilled than the galley hand, roustabouts make about 45,000 dollars a year. Their job functions include repair of oil field equipment with both hand and power tools. They likewise are involved in the assembly of oil field equipment as well as doing other tasks assigned to them.

Mostly operating in and around the drill equipment, roughnecks earn around 55,000 dollars a year. Their functions do not stop there however as sometimes they do a bit of driving with the heavy equipment and other tasks that are needed in the operation. This job has one of the longer work shifts in the industry.

In charge of servicing the drill pipes while attached to an overhead derrick, the derrickman is the second most important person in a drill crew next to the driller. This position gives around 62,000 dollars a year. The driller is in charge of the whole drill crew and makes around 85,000 dollars a year. He makes sure that working conditions are safe and the drill crew works efficiently and smoothly.

Representing the oil contractor is a supervisor who is called a toolpusher. Sometimes the toolpusher is the local site supervisor for the company if there is no oil contractor. This is an administrative task that ensures that all equipment and necessities are provided in a timely and orderly fashion to the drill crews. This position brings in around 115,000 per year.

The supervisor is the one in charge of the entire field of operations. It is the responsibility of the supervisor that production quotas are met and there is no downtime. This very challenging job brings in around 200,000 to 300,000 per year for the field operations are critical. A variety of other jobs and functions exist within the oil industry, mostly paying handsomely just like the jobs and functions illustrated here.

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