Why Twitter is Great For Executive Job Searches?

You've probably been hearing people rant and rave about how great Twitter is for job searches for a couple of years now. But it's hard to imagine that this one site could make a difference when you only get to use 140 characters to post your thoughts.

On the contrary, the site has made adjustments to accommodate job seekers - and those job seekers have found innovative ways to be noticed with limited resources. If you're trekking through your executive job search and want to add a new dynamic to the process, getting involved with Twitter is a great way to go. Here are some reasons why...

Twitter Builds Your Visibility and Credibility

Though some may view Twitter to be a narcissistic celebrity playground, it's actually a great place to get noticed as an executive. Between it and Facebook, it's good to develop a sturdy professional profile that allows you to tell what's going on in your executive world while communicating directly with individuals who could influence your career - and vice versa.

If you have already developed a bit of an online persona then the Twitter profile could increase your visibility and add to your credibility as an executive. When you're searching for jobs, recruiters Google your name to see what else is out there about you. By creating a Twitter page, you have the opportunity to show them just how interested people are in what you have to say, and they learn about your status in the industry.

You Could Connect With New Communities

In addition to making yourself visible to recruiters who are looking for the right executive candidates, you could open yourself up to new communities within the site. For instance, by using Twellow, also known as the Twitter Yellow Pages, you could find Twitter user names groups of people within communities that you're interested in communicating with.

Also, you are able to target specific employers on the site who use Twitter to recruit executives. And if you want to narrow down your search to your industry, you could find people who are talking about subject matter for your industry and connect with them by checking under specific hash tags (i.e. #tradeshows).

Find Out Who's Looking for Executives

Another great benefit of utilizing Twitter within an executive job search is that you are able to see when recruiters and employers post new job opportunities. Remember, they are looking for someone to fill their roles just as badly as you want to fill the roles.

So in addition to posting positions on company websites, they're likely going to send out updates on Twitter. So track down recruiters and company representatives within your industry and begin networking. Sooner than later, you could begin seeing some status updates that will offer insight into the next position to apply for.

As you probably already know, any lead that you have when looking for an executive job is a good one. So if you have a free resource that offers amazing opportunities to expand your search, why not use it? Thousands of other job seekers already have.

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