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Tips for Acting and Modeling

When you look at various news stories and complaint out there, you start to see why so many people fall prey to a modeling/acting scam. Here are a few reasons why people get taken advantage of in this industry and what to look for to avoid being a scam victim.

Do some research on the different model and talent agencies in your area. Make an appointment and take your time to get to know them. Get educated about their company ad the industry. If something doesn't feel right, always follow your gut.

Comprehensive Talent Agency Info

Most times a scam or rip off happens right upfront when actors/models are charged upfront fees and are guaranteed a job. If they ask for an upfront registration or signing fee, just don't do it.

A licensed Florida model and talent agency must write you a check within five days after receiving payment from the client. Some clients pay quickly, others don't. Once the agency has been paid you should be able to pick up your check within a week. You work hard for your money and you deserve to get paid.

Details About Selecting Your Talent Agency

In order to avoid a scam, after finding your well-established model and talent agency, ask them to refer you to a photographer, who's reasonably priced that will provide you with the proper elements to get work in the industry.

To avoid being the victim of a scam is very simple; never believe anyone, photographer, agency, school, etc who guarantees you work for a fee. It is always normal to pay regular fees for headshots, schooling, etc. And, that's a wrap. We hope the tips help you get into the business without being taken by a scam.

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