Fulfill Your Modeling Dream

The Life of a Model

The life of the model or actor seems like a charmed one, and of course in many ways it is. But it isn't without work, that's for sure. Whether it's starring in a TV show or walking a runway, a lot has gone into those moments before the lights come on. And having a good talent agency can help pave the way to success.

There are certainly many good, honest agencies out there. But there are also dishonest groups looking for your money. This is where you have to be smart, critical, and very careful. If you do your research, you'll be able to figure out who's worth trusting and who's going to be nothing but trouble.

The Talent Agency Business

Don't, whatever you do, sign up with an agency that demands registration fees up front. You're asking for trouble, I'm telling you. This is how the bad ones get you. The good ones are going to be fully licensed, they're going to be willing to take the time to know you, and they're going to have a client list with names you know.

The agency is going to sit down with you early on and start the conversation about what the heck kind of work you actually want to do. Believe me, there are tons of options. There are all the commercials -- those things that happen in between shows -- and print ads -- those things that happen between magazine stories. Then there are the shows themselves, too, of course. But a lot of this is going to come out over time; you just need to start that conversation with the agency.

Be Yourself

A successful model or actor isn't necessarily the person with the most exotic look. Just as often it's someone who looks like, well, like real people. Like the people you see on the street, or in the mirror. Agencies always want to work with these kinds of people, because that's what casting directors want, and that's what we as the audience want to see, a familiar face on a baby or a grandparent.

This isn't terrible stuff. It's just a taste of what you'll experience once you find the right agency, dodge the scams, and get ready to work hard. The agency is going to walk you through the rest, from headshots to auditions, and will be a partner to you as you begin what we hope will be a successful career. A lot of that, of course, is up to you.

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