How to Train to Become a Plumber?

There is a shortage of qualified plumbers out there at the moment. With more and more people wanting to join this fast growing trade, the need to train to become a plumber is very high. Some of us go through college for years and years to obtain a degree in order to find a well paid job at the end of it, people who are more hands on might look to become a plumber as it pays very well, but the training courses do not last for so long.

Each state has different rules to obtain a license, therefore it is good practice to check first before enrolling onto any course. To be recognized as a quality plumber you must first complete the criteria.

Firstly you could try and find an apprenticeship. This is where you shadow a qualified plumber whilst learning. You will not only learn from hands on experience but you will also be paid for your duties too. The whole apprenticeship can last around three years, less than a normal college degree, and at the end you will be earning very good wages, sometimes around $20-40 per hour. With your exams passed at the end of the course, you could start with a company, which many plumbers would be happy to take an experienced trainee under their wing or start your own business collecting all of the profits yourself.

If you have the dedication and guile to train to become a plumber then you will own those skills for life. The plumbing trade is not a fad job which will go out of fashion. There will always be a need for a plumber and this demand will ensure you have a long and illustrious career.

Once you apply for your plumber's license, you must realize there are two different types; the journeyman's license and a master plumber license. Most people start with the journeyman's license and progress onto the master plumber license once they have even more experience. Once again, every state is different and it is important to check which rules and regulations apply in your state.

As you must be over the age of 18 to gain a plumber's license, you can work as an apprentice until you are beyond that age to try for your license. It may be possible that once you are qualified to work in neighboring states, again this is important to find out what will apply to you.

It is generally accepted that should you work as a plumber you have a job for life. Job security is normally guaranteed, although if you run your own business it is wise to take a business course so you understand how to look after finances and stock. Being in charge of everything can add more job satisfaction but with it comes the huge responsibility of doing everything yourself and that can be daunting for some. You could take on an apprentice for yourself, as you already have experience of what is like.

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