How Do You Become Certified From the Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission is an organization that provides certifications to various organizations involved with the health care industry. How do you become certified from the Joint Commission is an important question for companies that provide medical or health services. Certification and accreditation is an indication of compliance with state and federal regulations. It is also a sign that the organization or company abides by the high quality standards expected by the community and governing bodies.

Certification programs are provided for ambulatory centers and health care facilities and services. It is also available to those who specializing in caring for people with specific diseases. The requirement for certification differs for each type of program. A commonality among all of the programs is a focus on implementing a system which provides exceptional care for patients.

Organizations such as ambulatory centers, and different types of health clinics that do not provide inpatient care for more than twenty four hours have to meet certain requirements to be accredited. There must be a system in place that allows them to adequately assess the quality of services being provided to patients. The company must be located within the United States, its territories, or operated by the American government if it is located outside of the country. It must inform the commission of the services provided and if those services are provided directly to the patient or through a third party source.

If a company wants to receive accreditation for the health care staff, an application has to be completed and a deposit submitted. The competency and ability of the staff to provide exceptional services to patients will be assessed. The review process includes a review to determine if the staff is complying with industry standards and how well they are able to meet those standards.

After the application has been submitted, it normally takes about two to three months for a review to be scheduled at the facilities. During the review process, the commission will have a reviewer on-site to measure the performance of the staff. Once the review is completed, the applicant will receive a report regarding the results about forty-five days later.

Certification can be denied if any or all of the following conditions occur. There will be a denial if the requisite fees are not paid. There will also be denial if the organization does not allow the commission access to perform an adequate performance review. If the data requested is not submitted timely within the time frame required, there may be a denial.

The commission provides resources to help companies prepare for the certification process. These resources include manuals and conferences. A consultant can be requested to address the specific concerns of each company. Tips and suggestions are provided that can be implemented to help ensure high standards are maintained when it comes to performance and patient care.

Certification is provided for different types of medical and health organizations. The requirements and fees needed for accreditation vary for each category. Receiving the seal of approval is worth the time and expense because it lets patients and third parties know that the organization understands the importance of abiding by industry standards and providing excellent care.

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