Nurse Practitioner Jobs: A Vast Variety Are Available

Nurse Practitioner Jobs. A vast variety are available: Care-givers, nurses for clinics, hospitals, emergency-rooms, doctor practices, country doctor rooms, operating rooms, midwifery and working for agencies. They all require only one thing. You need to be qualified.

To qualify as a nurse, it takes a few years to go from nurse aid to staff nurse to duty nurse and finally to nursing sister. The lists of jobs are endless. It is entirely up to the person to decide how highly qualified they wish to be. For example if being a nurse aid suits you, you can remain at that level. Most people, however, wish to continue on up the ladder.

They can attain nursing degrees and become highly qualified and from there they can open nursing agencies having others to work for them. To work for a nursing agency, you would need to undergo a thorough evaluation at your interview as tardiness or sloppy work could well lead to a blot against the name of the agency and not just yourself.

As a nurse, you can basically qualify to get into any country. Everywhere people are looking for trained nursing staff. It is not always a highly paid job but it can well be depending on the needs of the country or organization. Some people for example, work as nurses in conflict areas and they are more highly paid and sought after.

It is useful to have medical training if you become a care-giver because even if you are only expected to be a companion to an old person for example, professional nursing training will always be useful in case of unexpected illness and being unable to reach a hospital quickly.

Some people want their Au-pairs to have nursing training and these can be wonderful jobs in that in some cases, the Au-pair will travel with the family or work for celebrities or other professional people and may get to see the world in a way they would not be otherwise able to afford, working and traveling at the same time.

Working at schools is another great job for nurses. A school nurse must always be on hand and ready for any emergency at either boarding schools, hostels or at a school with daily pupils. It is surprising how many children become sick at school, have injuries from sports or horsing around and the school nurse is a good back up to have with a well-equipped surgery.

In some countries, nurses are not only expected to do no harm and assist people but are also required to do abortions. This very controversial subject can become a matter of great consternation to a nurse who is pro-life and feels forced to perform such a distasteful duty regardless of her personal feelings.

Many people enjoy nursing handicapped children or working with geriatrics. It is said that if a nurse cannot practice geriatric nursing, she is not a nurse at all. It requires great patience and skill to cope with the needs of the elderly and a little love and attention does not go amiss. If you think about it, we are all going to grow old and possibly need care and there is many more elderly today than ever before.

To become a qualified nurse, you will need to attend a nursing hospital and if single, you will be able to take advantage of special hostels for nursing staff which are usually available on the hospital site. It is hard but rewarding work and the beauty of these jobs is that there are always vacancies and you should never find yourself out of a job.

With the ever-increasing focus on health and medicine, nurse practitioner jobs and occupational therapy jobs are available around the world for qualified professionals.

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