How to Make Money: The Key to Changing Your Life

As 2014 comes to a close many of us are questioning how we can change our lives for the better. We reflect on the year behind us and evaluate our successes and failures, our passions and our regrets and from this we create our New Years resolutions.

What types of resolutions do you have this year? Do they sound something like this...

* Find a new job that I love

* Stop wasting time doing things I hate

* Spend more time with my family

* Spend more time with friends

* Take up a new hobby

* Start going to the gym

* Travel more

* Work less

If you look closely at everyone's resolutions this year you will see a common thread. They either involve "Time" or "Money" in order to find the fulfilment the person desires. You may not believe me straight away, but really look. Finding a new job could be about money or about spending your time in a way that you want. New hobbies or gym time involves reallocating your time from what you currently do. Getting healthy even involves spending more money on special foods, etc or on reallocating your time to pursue these healthy habits.

So we have these grand ideas. These resolutions to change our lives for the better in 2015. That is fantastic! But how do we achieve this?

Some of it does come down to simple time management and re-priortising our life to better suit what we are striving for. And change is hard! Which is why so many New Year resolutions never make it past January 2nd.

Success Is All About Commitment.

No matter what you want to change, take it in baby steps that are achievable. Then do those steps consistently. Say you want to go to the gym but have no time, well then maybe you need to get up earlier - but don't go all crazy and do it everyday or say get up at 5am when you normally get up at 8am. You need to make small changes that are easily sustainable.

Same goes for if you want to make more money. Assign yourself small tasks that you can do everyday or every second day that are going to contribute to you earning money. Things like writing articles or blogs posts, advertising, talking to prospects. Each task on its own will seem small, but the consistent effort being put in is how the money is made.

Never give up! That is the true key to success.

How Do I Get More Time And Money?

We've established that mot resolutions (and dreams for that matter) require more time and money to achieve. Therefore to make it easier to achieve your resolutions you need to build yourself "Wealth". Wealth is what gives people more time and money because true wealth is where you leverage your time off of other people, or systems to achieve an ongoing income. You will often hear it referred to as residual income.

So if you can build residual income, you can be set up for life with no debts, and all the time, money and freedom you need to achieve what you really want.

While there are many ways to get residual income, such as through royalties, bank interest or other investments, the easiest and cheapest way is to start your own business and partner with companies that pay ongoing commissions for your work. In that way, your income will start low but will continue to grow the longer you do the work and the more customers you have.

Kira-marie is an entrepreneur helping people create wealth. Click Here for a free report on how you can earn a significant income from home.

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