Choosing the Right Tie for the Right Situation

Choosing a tie is quite a task. Many men give up at a certain stage in their life because they don't feel they can ever get it right. Get the tie choice wrong in any way, and it could affect your chances of getting a job, for example. Some men stick to just a few ties and don't try any harder than that.

However, it is possible to choose a tie with real intent as regards the impact you are going to make. You can use a good tie to make a great first impression on a boss or client. You can impress a potential partner with the choice of tie you make. And you can even calm people down with an appropriate tie.

The basic piece of advice if you work in the corporate world is to make sure that your ties match the environment in the office. If your office, for example, is rather conformist and conservative, wear dark ties that accentuate this mood of muted sophistication. You should not wear black, but there are many colours out there, especially in the navy blue area, that are close to this and have that great muted effect that can have such a calming and solid impact on the work environment.

If you work in advertising or some other such creative environment, a muted colour may not be the way to go. You may even want to go absolutely crazy with colour and have wild floral designs with bursts of vivid colour on them, or even the old classic that is the piano tie. If you intend to do this at your place of work, make sure that the choice of tie does meet the mood, or you could be making a rather serious error.

The best width for the ties that you wear is around nine centimetres. Some ties do differ in this regard, but this width should be in place for the majority of ties in your wardrobe, because it is generally acceptable. If you want to instantly tell the quality of a tie by the way, there is one very simple test. All you have to do is tie it, and then if the tie falls over the knot easily and smoothly, you have a tie that is worth looking after.

It is vitally important that you choose a tie that very obviously goes with your shirt and suit. It will be very noticeable if you do not do this. Essentially, a patterned tie that is reasonably eye-catching matches very well with a solid tone and conservative suit. The same is true for vice versa, so it should be relatively easy to take the ties that you currently have in your wardrobe and match them up with suits and shirts.

It is always a good idea to buy one tie at a time, so that you can get used to it. And ties should be enjoyed. Don't forget that they are responsible for many first impressions, both good and bad.

Dave Matthews is a freelance copywriter. He writes articles for a range of interests, causes and businesses - in this case, designer mens clothing such as Levis Shirts.

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