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Tax Benefits for Setting up a Company in Labuan
The tax system imposed for businesses incorporated in Labuan is satisfactory and it was implemented according to the Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990 [Act 445]. The income tax in Labuan is set at a fixed rate of 3% which is chargeable only on...
By LYMT Content Author
How a Foreign Investor Can Open a Company in Malaysia
Entrepreneurs from abroad can register a Labuan International Company or LIC, as it is known, which is an entity that provides 100% foreign ownership. An LIC is usually chosen by business persons from abroad who intend to place their activities...
By LYMT Content Author
The Office Layout Debate: The Open Office & Cubicles
The last half-century has seen an enormous shift in office furniture and office space layout as the cubicle became the standard in offices around the world. This shift, in turn, sparked backlash from people who believed that workers were losing...
By Charlie O'Brien
Choosing A Style For Your Office
Whether you're preparing to open your company's first office or you've changed locations, you might be considering your office furniture choices. With so many types of desks, chairs, storage options, and accessories available, it's advisable to...
By Charlie O'Brien
Budget Considerations For Starting a Daycare Center
You cannot start a business without the right budget. However, the amount you will have to spend initially depends on the extent of the operations you wish to mount.
By Loren Yadeski
Choosing Whether to Buy Or Lease Office Space
When you're in the market for office space for your business there are a few things that you should think about before making this investment. With ever-changing...
By Sarah Edison
7 Tips When Starting a Bakery Business
There are some of you who might just find comfort in baking. Because of that, you start thinking of putting up your own bakery business. Why not? As long as you have the background in baking and you have passion for this work, then it's easy doing...
By Scott Richardson