Dropshipping: The Easiest Home Business Ever?

Is it possible to dropship for the easiest home business ever? The answer is yes, but it isn't easy to get started. This is the warning every potential dropshipper should have, so they get off on the right foot instead of having the false starts that can so often happen with this business.

Let's start by exploring what dropshipping is. If you have limited space for storing stock to sell at home, dropshipping could solve your problems. You can basically offer items for sale just as you would normally - on a site like eBay for example - but you don't have to stock any of it.

Traditionally you sell on behalf of a dropshipping company. So what you would do is to gather orders from customers and then buy the items they want at the dropshipping price. Once you have placed the order yourself, the dropshipping company sends it out directly to the customer to fulfill the order.

The difference is that you buy the item for less than the customer does. Let's say for example that the customer buys an item for 10 plus 1 postage. You can buy the item for 6 plus 1 postage. The customer sends you 11 payment and you order the item direct from the dropshipper for 7. This means they fulfill the order themselves without you even having to see it. And you get 4 profit from that one sale simply by managing the emails and the order itself.

This is beneficial because you don't have to invest in stock up front. Instead the dropshipping company has all the stock and they take care of the physical process of packing and sending the order so you don't have to worry about it. All you do is list the items for sale and pocket the difference in the cash that you receive.

The trick is in finding the right dropshipping businesses to work with in the first place. They are out there but not all of them are easy to find. Searching on Google can be a start, and if you start reading up about the subject you are likely to find a variety of other sources.

Some wholesalers also offer a dropshipping service. But strangely enough they do not all advertise the fact. We know of people who have only discovered the service is there through asking to see if it is offered. Sometimes a quick question or email to the right person will give you the answer that you need.

Dropshipping does have distinct advantages over buying in stock and selling it yourself. You don't need to buy packaging; you don't need to visit the post office all the time and you don't need to worry about finding room for all the stock. As such it makes the perfect start up business from home, so keep an eye out for dropshipping opportunities.

You can also run a dropshipping business easily alongside a regular business that sells stock items as well. It doesn't have to be one or the other types of business.

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