Staying Motivated in a Home Business

Running a successful home business can seem like the most exciting thing in the world. All the time you are sitting, tied to an employer's desk, you dream of escaping your boss's clutches and working from home so that you can be free from the day to day demands of modern employment.

But when you finally make the leap and start a home business it can be a different story. Even though it is good to work from home and be in full control of your destiny, you can sometimes find that motivation can be lacking on certain days. You might still get that Monday morning blues feeling on occasion - it can be a hard thing to shake off, especially when you have no one to answer to! When you work for yourself you need to have strategies in place to get rid of lethargy, otherwise you won't get anything done quickly.

Distractions can drain your reserves of motivation in lots of ways. We all have different distractions that are capable of dragging us away from our work. Some people cannot walk by a pile of ironing without doing it. Others might not even see it - but they could be deterred by a beautiful sunny day that drags them out into the garden or park instead of managing their business.

The point is that you should be aware of what distracts you and take steps to ensure that you have strategies to deal with all distractions. Emails can be enormously distracting, so check them first thing in the morning and at the end of the working day. This will save you a lot of time and help your concentration levels as well. Try this from today and at least for a week to see how it works. Put a note at the bottom of every email you send out, stating that when you check mails.

You may also have to speak to everyone who knows you including family and friends, when you first start working from home. There is a tendency for people to think you don't work anymore, or you can simply stop whenever you like. Setting boundaries and setting specific hours during which you cannot be disturbed is the best way forward. Be prepared to have to fight to defend those hours - don't let people encroach on them. Simply say you are working and you will call back or get back in touch once your work day has finished. This should do the trick and prevent them from doing it again.

You also need to enjoy working in your home business. Hopefully you will be doing something that appeals to you and makes the most of your abilities and skills. If you are then motivation shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you are not then perhaps it is time to change how you make money.

If you have a bad day, start slowly and tackle a few easy jobs to start with. This will normally be enough to get the flow going and you can then enjoy a productive day as a result.

Motivation is arguably even more important for home business owners than it is for people in employment as there is nobody keeping an eye on them and telling them off if they start to slack. Make sure you have ways of firing yourself up during your working hours so that you get the most out of the hours worked.

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