How to Maximize Space For Your Home Office

It's simply amazing where you can fit a home office. You can use the tiniest niche to store a computer and printer, especially if you use a laptop. But the advent of the slim-line monitor has pared centimeters off the space you need to set up an office. Even if you don't have a slim-line model, you can use a wall-mount to hold the monitor, which means you need even less space than you first thought. A table just large enough to hold a keyboard and printer would be the main necessity.

What niche would be suitable in your home for an office? Under the stairs is a good place, or in an awkward corner somewhere. You may have a small entry hall at the front door that you could use if the door was blocked off. Many people use their back doors more than the front, anyway. Survey the inside of your home and brainstorm ideas where you might be able to create a home office.

Years ago a popular style of furniture was long and low, which took up piles of floor space. If you have any furniture like that, consider replacing it with something tall and narrow to free up enough floor space for your office niche. Or what about a laundry cupboard? If you can fit a keyboard across the shelf, it is wide enough for a computer, too.

Whatever niche you decide on for your home office, you need clear out everything else from it. Once it is cleared, you can repaint it a nice light color and then see what lighting you will need. If your niche is really cozy, it is nearly sure to be dim as well. Lighting could be from a freestanding lamp or a desk lamp. A power point can be provided by the use of a power board from the nearest one to your niche. This would save the cost of getting an electrician. Use twist-ties to secure the cables.

If your house has awkward corners, then you can decide to hire a handyman to install custom-built shelving there. This will extend your storage space and keep your niche tidier. You could also use the furniture that is already nearby for storage. You can use a simple chest of drawers to hold a great many odds and ends as well as files, records, business expenses and other business-related materials. The top of it could hold your phone/fax, printer or scanner if the computer desk or table is not big enough. If the top is big enough, then see which hardware -- phone/fax, printer or scanner -- fits best. You may needs to move the hardware around in an organized manner to see how all the hardware fits together.

If your niche is without storage shelves, you can buy a hutch to fit across the back of your computer desk. To maximize the space, use storage boxes on them. Before long you'll be happily typing away in your very own home office.

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