Make Money Delivering Groceries

Families are getting busier and busier. As days start at the crack of dawn and end following a flurry of activity, many household errands can often be overlooked. The last thing that a busy parent wants to do after school, work, sports and other activities is go grocery shopping. If you are a motivated self-starter searching for a business that is easy to run, low cost and flexible, then a grocery delivery service may be the perfect way for you to make money. With a simple website, flyers and word of mouth advertising, you can build a great client base in a matter of weeks.

You can begin making money by basing your fee schedule as a fixed price up to a certain dollar amount or as a percentage of a total shopping bill. For example, 10% of a $125.00 grocery bill would be $12.50 or you can charge a flat fee of $15.00 up to a $150.00 grocery bill. You can charge additional if you need to make a trip to more than one store. If a customer has coupons that they want to use, you may charge a few dollars to pick them up before the trip.

Many grocery stores now have their shopping lists online. For any store that does not, you may be able to get one from them by explaining what service your company offers. This is a win-win for both you and the store; you get to list their items as a convenience to your customers and they may get additional business from customers that may not visit their store. Additionally, you may want to team up with some coupon websites to try and get the best deals for your customers while creating additional business for the coupon sites as well. You can make money while your customers save money.

This service is a blessing for those consumers that may not own a vehicle, are disabled or elderly or recovering from illness or injury, not to mention people that are just too busy. You may also offer to pick up other items, such as dry cleaning or prescriptions. Though there may be certain short term circumstances where your services may be needed, it would be ideal to build a repeat-customer base.

Another advantage to owning this type of business is the flexibility of the schedule. You can set your own hours and days that you work. You may also find that you can schedule longer hours for days after circulars and coupons come out, which is usually on Tuesdays and Sundays. With this type of business, it really is possible to work as few or as many hours and days that you want.

If you have some business savvy, a car and enjoy the freedom of owning your own business and helping people, then you can make money by delivering groceries. With a great business plan in place and low start up costs, you can have your business up and running within a week's time. Just think of all the busy people that you know and multiply that number by ten dollars. Then think of all the busy people they know, multiply that by ten dollars and you will be able to see how it is possible to make money delivering groceries.

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