Make Money Advertising on Your Car

Over two million people are making money by advertising on their vehicle. The average billboard car can bring in a salary of up to $600.00 per month. Companies spend billions and billions of dollars every year on marketing and advertising. If you are a driver with an excellent driving record, a nice vehicle and log over one thousand miles a month, you can make money by advertising on your car.

One method of making money through advertising is the car wrap. This is where advertisements are wrapped around your car. Many of them are professionally designed graphics. You do have some choice in what you will or won't allow to be advertised on your car, but if you decline one company, there may be quite a bit of time before you are accepted for a different ad. Often, you cannot choose how they wrap your car. These are advertisements that cannot be removed. Keep this in mind if you have any moral objections to the marketing you provide. Remember, the idea of this is to market products or services for a company. They want a lot of exposure. Some companies monitor the amount that you are driving via GPS locators installed in your car. You may also have to bring the car in for advertisement inspections to check the durability of the ad.

A second method to make money with car billboards involves advertising companies providing people cars that are already wrapped and allowing them to drive the cars for free. The usual amount of usage for the car runs between two and five years. With this program, you get a free car to drive, so you are not reimbursed for the monthly advertisements. Usually with this program, the only cost to the driver is insurance and gasoline to use the car.

There are certain conditions that must be met before you will need to consider before applying for a car advertising program:

1. You must be at least 18 years old.

2. You must have a valid driver's license.

3. You must own a clean car.

4. You must have an excellent driving record.

Once you are accepted into a car advertising program, you must sign an agreement that specifies the distance you drive daily, the time period you drive daily and the number of hours you drive daily. If you misrepresent this information and the company becomes aware of this, your agreement with the advertising company can be terminated.

These car advertisement programs are in high demand amongst drivers. To find a company that offers these services, you can search for "get paid to drive" or "car advertising". Many websites require you to fill out an application and many charge a one-time fee to access the advertiser's directory. This fee is usually under fifty dollars. Any reputable company usually will not charge any additional fees for the service. If you have an excellent driving record, drive several hours a day and want to make money while doing it, check out car advertising.

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