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Do you love to read? Are you seeking a way of making money? If you answer yes to any or both of the prior questions then this venture is just for you. Writing book reviews for both fiction and non-fiction books is a great way to boost your income. This method of earning is becoming increasingly popular and can not only be good for making money but can grow your bookshelf and increase your portfolio.

Writing book reviews is a good way of making money. It is also great that you get a free book as a part of the deal. It is a good way to express yourself as it is not just about making a summary of the book; it is also about your personal statement of beliefs about this book including its story line and characters among other things. E-zines will pay you $10 - $25 for a review and a publisher may pay as much as $50 per review. There are those that pay per word also and some newspapers may offer you a monthly or weekly column. Isn't this a good avenue for making money?

When you begin reviewing books you can go ahead and review a book that is already on your bookshelf. This means there is no capital needed for making money initially. It is wise to start with mostly nonfiction books but if you choose to do a fiction book ensure that it is new. After reviewing a couple of your books you can start requesting books from publishers. If your reviews have been in the print media send copies to the publishers so they can view your work.

The guidelines for writing all book reviews are simple and you can begin making money. Start with the title of the book, the author and the publisher in the first paragraph of the review, following this should be a short summary of the story. Then you will give an evaluation of the story. Do not be afraid to write your personal reaction, include what you liked and didn't like and how you felt after reading the book.

There are additional guidelines. For nonfiction your review will flow from beginning to a list of topics, to the intended purpose and the audience for the book, to your evaluation of whether it has fulfilled its purpose and then to your overall opinion of the book. Remember that non-fiction reviews are better for making money. For fiction reviews you start with the beginning, followed by a basic plot, followed by an introduction of the main characters which is followed by the evaluation and then your personal opinion of the book and its contents.

If the books you review are of general interest you can publish them in local newspapers or regional magazines which may help in making money if you can't write for a publisher. If the books are more specialized you can use review oriented websites or you can create your own blog if you do not already have one.

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