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Selling collectibles can a great way to pull in some extra cash, or even start up a business. While you ultimately will decide what you are going to sell, to make money with collectibles, be aware that there are a lot of collectible items that generally rake in a lot more cash than others. Essentially, people who deal in collectibles are one of two kinds, or even both. You have the traditional folks who have houses with definitely no lack of old stuff! After years of collecting dust, sitting there in the corner minding its own business, some items have the phenomenon of becoming a collector's item. On the other, there is another group of collector/dealers that visit garage sales, antique shows, other relatives, and so forth.

"What collectibles and antiques are hot?", you may eager to know right about now! While dealing in collectibles can be like playing the stock market, you do have the potential for making money if you carefully choose the items that you wish to market. Baseball cards are, and almost always have been, very hot items. Not all old baseball cards are worth much; however, there are a good many out there that will net you a nice take. So, go ahead and invest in a book of baseball card values if this an item of interest. Want more? Disney items, especially those dating back to the 1970's and 1980's, are a very good bet. Items like certain older Disney toys, souvenirs, stained-glass cups, lithographs, and books come very highly recommended by experts in the field of collectibles and antiques. Similarly, some toys from the early-to-mid 1980's are worth 3 figures or more, and even more gain value the longer it is held onto! Here are some other particularly good potential investments:

1. Legacy china and ceramics such as Royal Doulton. Vintage model train sets, especially the coveted Hornby.

2. First edition books--Books that are generally among the first numbered 100 - 100,000 in the very first edition of a publisher's books.

3. Costume jewelry from the mid-twentieth century up to around 1980.

4. Old money, coins, and money that is outdated has the potential to be extremely valuable.

The same goes for items likes of vintage cigarette packs and accessories. Earlier 1900's packs of cigarettes (Lucky Strike, Sunshine, Camel, Mogul, Pall Mall, etc. The list goes on and on) Vintage lighters that may or may not have a vintage corporate ad stamped on them.

Older, yet in good condition, apparel and accessories from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Purses, hats, shoes, and so forth.

The bottom line is that wheeling and dealing in collectibles will not always be easy, especially if you are newcomer to the field. Individuals with older homes and a good deal of old items will typically have better luck than startups; however, these same people who have these potentially gold mines do not even realize it. This is when you strike when the iron is hot. Carefully research and buy items, and purchase items that you have the best feeling about. Estate sales, garage sales, auctions--they all can have items that are very valuable now, or in a few years time. The bottom line is this: Do your homework, start small, and think "outside the box."

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