Knitting Business: How to Turn Your Knitting Hobby Into a Profitable Business

Would you like to start your own knitting business? If so, you have probably given some thought to how you could make money knitting. Selling the items you make (scarves, sweaters, gloves, etc.) probably seemed like the most obvious way to turn your hobby into profits.

But it isn't the only way. There are actually many other things you can do to make money from your passion for knitting. And each of these methods allows you to make money using your knowledge and experience.

Here are three ways you can turn your knitting hobby into a knitting business.

Start a Knitting Tips Website

People who enjoy knitting, whether they are absolute beginners or have years of experience, like to find new tips and tricks that will help to make them better at the craft. And you can share your tips and tricks with them with a knitting website.

Starting a knitting website is easy and inexpensive. All you need is a domain name, which will cost you about $10 a year. And you can get great webhosting for about $5 a month.

You can make money with your site in several ways. You can sell knitting supplies, the kinds of things people interested in knitting tips and tricks would be interested in. You could also place AdSense ads on your site. Whenever someone at your site clicked on one of the ads, you would get paid.

Create a Knitting Review Site

There are a lot of knitting products out there. And most people would like to have some idea of the quality of a product before they buy it. You can provide such insights at a knitting review site, sharing the pros and cons of the knitting products you have tried, and then rating them.

Just as with a tip site, you can use AdSense to make money at a knitting review site. You can also make money promoting affiliate products. For example, if you review an affiliate knitting product, you can include your affiliate link with the review. Then, every time someone who followed that link ended up buying the product, you will make a commission. With affiliate products, you can make anywhere from 10% to 75% of the purchase price with every sale.

Start a Mailing List for Knitters

With a knitting mailing list, people would subscribe to receive email messages from you. You would send these messages regularly, maybe weekly or twice a week. In the messages, you would share tips, tricks, patterns, and anything else you could think of.

The great thing about mailing lists is how easy they are to set up. All you have to do is subscribe to an auto-responder service. Then, you add your messages to the auto-responder, and decide on how often they will be delivered.

Along with messages giving knitting advice, you would also send your subscribers messages recommending affiliate products. And, because you have built up a relationship with them by giving them solid, reliable advice, they are more likely to trust your recommendations and buy those affiliate products through your link. Meaning a nice commission for you.

There are many ways to make money from a knitting business that don't involve selling knitted products. By starting a tip site, review site or mailing list, you can turn a profit by sharing what you have learned from your love of knitting.

Would you like to turn your knitting knowledge and know-how into a profitable knitting business? I've put together a short little free report for you here: Download it today and discover seven proven ways to make money from your knitting hobby.

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