Hit the Flea Market Circuit and Make Money

A flea market is an open air market where second hand or discounted items are sold or swapped. The word "flea market" comes from the French word "Marche aux Puces," literally meaning market with fleas. The term was given to markets where the buyers and sellers were very active and jumped around like fleas in order to make money.

Everyone loves to make money and everyone loves a bargain. Making money at flea markets is a fun way to make a buck but it takes some thought and planning to be successful. Flea Markets are more than a one day yard sale. They are typically held weekly or monthly, year round or seasonally. Vendors sell an item or several items rather than whatever they pull out of their basement or garage. Vendors may be craft people selling homemade candles, table clothes, gloves and mittens, watches or whatever inventory they may create. Vendors may also buy inventory from a store gone out of business or a store that is clearing out the old to make way for the new. It is possible to buy such items relatively inexpensively and with a small mark up still sell below market rate but you can still make money. Other vendors study the market and determine what the hot item is and load up on that item. Sometimes buying in bulk is the way to make money.

To get started making money at Flea Markets, look in the newspaper for flea markets in your area. Your area will be limited by how far you want to travel. Check out the flea markets and determine the busiest. Walk through the flea markets and check out what is being sold. You may not want to show up to sell at a flea market and find multiple vendors with the same thing. To make money at a flea market requires creativity with your product and what you call them. If you were selling rain coats you may advertise them as Mother Nature Splash Guards. That will catch shopper's attention. A customer may not want a rain coat but just has to have a Mother Nature Splash Guard. Caching, equals making money.

Be knowledgeable about your product or products. You have a better chance of making a sale and making money if you can enlighten a potential customer about your product, especially if your product is somewhat unique. Do some prep work and come up with questions you may be asked and have answers ready. Maybe even print up an FAQ sheet about your product customers can look at. Make sure you have your contact information on the sheet.

Set up your display as attractively as possible. If your table is eye catching because of neatness, you have a better chance of attracting customers. A customer that stops at your table is a potential buyer and when it comes to making money you want as many potential's as possible. If you have a canopy over your table, decorate it with some brightly colored, eye catching ornaments of some type. Post a trivia question and let folks answer it.

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