Starting Your Own Small Business: Pet Hobby Related Business Ideas

Starting your own small business can seem a little daunting. Especially when you can't really decide what kind of business you want it to be. However, if you love pets (be they dogs, cats, or goldfish) there are dozens of things you can do to make money. How many people do you know with pets? Pet owners are everywhere. And you can make money by providing them with services they might not be able to get anywhere else.

Here are three good small business ideas that involve pets.

In-Home Pet Grooming

People love their pets, but they might not always have the time to take proper care of them. When life gets really busy, and one thing after another pops up, it can be hard to find the time to bundle your pet up into the car and take them to a groomer.

There are many people who would pay you to groom their pets in their homes. The benefit for them is luxury and convenience. They don't have to rearrange their day to make a special trip to the groomer's. (Which might be some distance from their home.) Instead, they make an appointment with you to come to their home and groom their pet. And, while you are working, they can still be taking care of other things.

If you have pet grooming skills, this is a small business you should definitely consider.

Pet Food and Treats

Gourmet and homemade pet foods and treats are a hot item. It gives pet owners pleasure to give their pets something special and unique. There's just something fun about giving your dog treats that look like chocolate chip cookies. And giving your cat food made with the finest ingredients can also be satisfying.

If you have any kind of cooking or baking skill, learning how to make these kinds of special pet foods and treats shouldn't be so difficult. Selling them, either locally or online, also shouldn't be too tough. Visit any forum frequented by pet owners, and you'll see just how in demand these types of products are. And you will realize how much money you could make meeting that demand.

You Could Clean Up By Cleaning Up

As much as people love their pets, cleaning up after them isn't necessarily fun. So consider starting your own small business to provide cleaning services related to pets. For example, I bet there are plenty of people who would pay you to clean their fish tanks. Just make sure you really know what you're doing before you start.

The Pros and Cons

There's no limit to the types of small businesses you could start that are built around pets. But you do have to think of it as a business. At least, you will if it is your goal to make a sustainable income from it. If you just want to earn some extra cash, you might be happy grooming a few of the dogs in your neighborhood a few times a week. But, if you want it to be a real business, you'll have to think about things like advertising to attract more customers, making the time to do this regularly, and even hiring help as your business grows.

It's true that starting your own small business can be scary and challenging. But if you love animals, imagine how much you'd love making your living taking care of them, either directly or indirectly. That joy will make the challenge worth it in the end.

Are you thinking of starting your own small business? Do you love animals? Imagine how much you'd love making your living taking care of them, either directly or indirectly. Visit for more great tips and ideas to make money with your favorite hobby.

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