Capitalize on Your Talents - Make Money Freelancing

If you have writing talents, work in graphic design or can design websites, then you can make money by offering your talents as a freelancer. Many people that need some supplemental income can offer these services. We are not talking about get-rich-quick internet programs or investment scams; there are very real ways to make money as a freelancer. There are thousands of jobs available for many different work fields. Some of the most popular freelance work offered is: article writing, website design, graphic design computer programming and brochure design.

How Does it Work?

You will find many of these jobs on freelancer job sites. A general internet search for the term, "freelance jobs" will link you to hundreds of websites that match employers to potential employees. You will often start your road to making money by creating a profile. Here, you can list your talents, certifications, work samples and contact information. Once you have created a profile, you will be able to bid on different projects that fall within your talent set. The bidding period may run from 24 hours up to a month. You may have to complete a proficiency test or submit samples to be considered for work.

If you are selected to work on a project, some employers may require status updates or project trackers and a completion deadline. The employer may also list a hard deadline or require no updates at all. Once a project is satisfactorily completed, you may leave feedback for that employer and they can leave feedback for you. If you plan on making money for the long term in freelance, under-promise and over-deliver. Negative feedback as an employee can be a detriment to making money in the freelance world.

How Much Does it Cost?

Many of these sites offer free registration and use. Some freelance sites also offer an upgrade option to employees. Upgrading may open a higher income level category or additional jobs available with very specific talent or skills needed. You may pay a low monthly fee or a discounted annual fee to become an upgraded member. Often, upgraded members do generally make money more consistently than standard members.

How Do I Get Paid?

Pay is determined by regulations of the websites and certain amendments can be made by the employer. Several freelance websites require or offer escrow accounts. This means that an employer has an account with funds on hold so that potential employees know that they can get paid. Many sites will pay from within their freelance website, but some also pay via PayPal, AlertPay, etc. Snail mail paper checks are often available.

If you need to make money on the side and have a few hours a day to dedicate, then freelancing may be perfect for you. If you can write several articles an hour, build a website in a day, or design a brochure marketing campaign in a week - you can be guaranteed to make money as a freelancer. Check out some of the sites and see what they have to offer. With great work ethic, strong work samples and the ability to meet deadlines; you could be making money as a freelancer in a matter of hours.

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