A Good Business Strategy Need Not be Difficult
Sometime a small negligence results in big losses in the corporate sector. A number of entrepreneurs over look and adopt bad habits that can eventually hurt the success of their corporate life in future.
By Jack Wylde
Useful Tips For You to Escape From Disastrous Clients
In the past, I have met a lot of clients who would like me to work for projects. However, for some of these projects I would not take and I would not try to work for these clients.
By Jack Wylde
5 Career-Killing Mistakes Sales People Make
Tom Hopkins - a renowned Sales Guru and a proficient sales person himself - once remarked that a sales job is the "easiest low-paying job" and the "toughest high-paying job" in the world. He meant to say that how you perform in a sales job...
By Bruno
When Should You Pay Sales Commissions?
Commissions can be paid at several different points in the sales cycle. The four most common are on booking, invoicing, receipt of partial payment, or receipt of full payment. Commissions on long projects may be paid in installments throughout the...
By Jo Ann Flaum
Gardeners Kill Pests, Entrepreneurs Do This
Let me tell you about my vegetable patch. My wife orders organic food every week and I am a big believer that organic food is far better for you than the food you get from your local supermarket. After all, you get the nutrients from the soil...
By Scott Bywater
Stop Playing Violins For Buffalos
When I was growing up, we traveled around a bit. And between the ages of about 8 and 12 I lived in a little area called Nhullunbuy or Gove. It was on the coast, near Darwin. Probably about an hour or so flight from memory.
By Scott Bywater
Tips For A Better Deal With Your Customers
It is an inevitable fact that, salespeople face a lot of failure despite putting into a lot of efforts and time so that the sale can be closed. But something or the other lacks in their attitude, approach or behavior that does not let them win...
By Jack Wylde
Things To Consider If You Are A Sales Person
One of the toughest and most difficult jobs is the job of a sales person In order to be an efficient sales person, you have to possess exceptional interpersonal and negotiating skills
By Jack Wylde
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