Fabric Displays

Regardless of the product or serve you are selling, fabric displays provide an easy and affordable method for you to attract customers and clients to your demonstration or booth at a trade show. The kinds of fabric displays that are available on today's market make them an ideal choice when it comes to advertising media, and you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to designing a display that will catch the eye and turn heads. Unlike old-style fabric bolts that were often used to create fabric displays, modern fabric displays are made with state of the art techniques and environmentally-friendly ink that allow you to repeat images in your display or choose to have each panel of your display a completely different image. Modern fabric displays are produced in three types: flat-hanging, free-standing, and pop-up displays.

Tips for Designing Fabric Displays

Designing your fabric displays can be challenging, but the most successful displays always feature your company's logo prominently. Keep in mind that branding your company is an essential element in marketing success. Putting your company's name front and center in the minds of potential and existing customers and clients will allow you to avoid missing opportunities to sell them your products and services. You should also take into account the size of your trade show booth. For some folks, a tabletop fabric display is ideal. If you have a larger booth, you might consider a free-hanging fabric display that makes better use of space in your booth.

Flat-hanging displays can hang from the ceiling or against the wall, and are available in all sizes and shapes. You can even accessorize this type of fabric display with special illumination. Many people use flat free-hanging fabric displays as a backdrop of the booth, fitted against the back wall.

Free-standing fabric displays are similar to pop up displays but are less dimensional than the pop-up display. These types of fabric displays can be stood up anywhere around or inside your booth and are perfect for using up any extra space within the booth itself, or for drawing attention to your booth when placed outside. You can find free-standing fabric displays in multiple shapes and sizes.

Pop-up displays are typically mounted on lightweight frames that support the display so that it can stand alone. You can find pop-up fabric displays in many shapes, and you will find that they are ideal for those booths that have a lot of floor space, or to use outside of the booth to lure in visitors to the booth itself.

Choosing Fabric Displays

Fabric displays for your trade show booth can be fully customized to include the images and text that you like best and that will best represent your company at the event. When working on your display design, be sure to choose a printer who will use fabrics that are durable and long-lasting so that you can use them multiple times. Fabric displays should be wrinkle-resistant and lightweight and you should be able to fold the display umpteen times without noticing any peeling or cracks. You always want to look at fabric displays that are easy to put together and take apart again, usually with panel snaps or buttons. Also, consider the wash and go type of fabrics that allow you to simply toss the fabric into the washer if it becomes soiled or dusty, hang to dry, and then put back into service.

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