Key Elements of a Good Business Strategy

A majority of entrepreneurs fail to observe follow-up. This bad habit or negligence may cost them big time. They are not loosing their potential clients but also losing some serious money. Many young entrepreneurs make such mistakes by not following up on their clients after a big corporate luncheon or attending a seminar etc. Usually the cards they exchange become a pile in the desks and forgotten.

In the corporate sector some decisions play an important role in the success of business and earning more profitable opportunities. Although it seems just an unimportant issue but it can do serious damages to the company by not following up. You may have just dropped the catch and lost serious money on the table with lack of diligence. Many good and favorable results can be found by adopting some serious routine of following up on your prospective clients in future.

In order to avail every opportunity for the sake of improvement in the business you should follow the following follow up routine:

1. Make a habit to note down every hot lead. Whenever you have met someone at a social gathering or corporate dinners etc make sure that you have noted their names and contact details on your appointment diary. It will help to add a small follow up note next to their names. Take out an hour or so for the follow up routine from your busy working hours.

2. If you have just met a hot lead mark his card with an X to help you remember to do a follow up the next day. Marking the business cards this way is a good technique to remember all the important follow ups. You can mark less important or warm lead with a O or any other symbol.

3. Another follow up technique is to immediately jot down notes about that lead you have just met. It will help you to not to miss the chance to do a follow up on an important lead.

4. Take on the spot decisions and do not waste time for a follow up the next day. If by chance you have found your hot lead than grab the opportunity at one. Ask for an appointment the next day.

5. Do not stack the cards in a drawer. This always makes a person forget about his follow up routine. The best way is to keep the pile of card in front of you to take an action the next day.

6. Some entrepreneurs have their assistants for this reason who keeps a track of their follow up routine. An assistant calling from a corporate office for the meeting set up also casts a good impression. Ask your assistant to do the follow up either by sending your sales letter or promotional stuff to your prospective clients or by giving them a courtesy call.

7. After the follow up routine is set and done it might be a good idea to work upon building a database of your clients. You or your assistant can add up important and relevant information regarding the nature of lead and follow up details etc.

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