How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Client

In a business, there are many figures indicating whether the business is successful or not. Among all the complicated figures, there is actually one indicating the percentage of clients making a second purchase in the business. This is actually an important indicator to the successfulness of small business. To large business, this indicator is hardly obtained. You can hardly conduct a survey on the users of McDonalds and see whether they are having the second or more purchases. But to small business, you could collect the information yourself, especially when you are running an online business.

Whenever clients purchase from your business, you could include the name of your clients into the list and then try to maintain a good contact with them. This method is crucial to keep good relationship with the customers of your business as they should have visited many websites before making a decision to purchase from you and they would surely have a certain reason for doing this. You could listen to them and follow the suggestions from these clients to improve your website.

However, in order to listen to the truth from your clients, you have to make friends with them. Otherwise, they might not be telling the truth. This is one of the reasons why making good relation with your customers or buyers is important.

And this kind of good relationship with clients is regardless of time. Whenever you are doing the business, you should try to seek methods to maintain this relationship. You cannot think that you just need to make friends with the first ten clients and then stop after that. This is ridiculous.

So, if you know that it is important to maintain good relationship with your customers, you might want to know, how.

Well, in order to keep good relationship with your customers, you should make them think that the relationship between you and your clients is not built on money. You should make them think that even though they do not purchase from you, you are still willing to make friends with them. Therefore, in order to create this atmosphere, you should try to answer questions from your clients even though they show that they are not willing to buy the products. You should act professionally and answer the questions as detailed as possible.

This is quite important because if you show no interest to talk to your clients when they ask questions about things which are not related to the products you are selling, they would think that you are not reliable. There are a lot of sellers who are willing to give good customer services to the clients so if you are not willing to provide good customer service, they would find another one.

Therefore, good customer service would be the key to establish good relationship with your friend. And of course, if you think that personal care is not enough, you could think of providing referral bonus to your existing clients so that they would be willing to promote the business for you.

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