How to Market a Start-Up Restaurant

You already have the restaurant. The bigger problem now is how to attract consumers to try out your business and how to maintain the clientele. Advertising is actually an expensive solution but it is vital to keep a business going, especially if you are still new to the market. Before dipping your feet into advertising, understand first what advertising CANNOT do to your restaurant business.

Assure instant customer base
Fix or cure poor customer service
Solve profit problems

To ensure that you will have a successful marketing strategy, several factors will come into play:

Message you want to convey. Be precise and keep the message simple. Know your target market. This is crucial so you will know how to execute your marketing strategies. Know clients' demographics--age, gender, social status, profession, income, place of residence, interests, and purchase history, among others. When you hit the target, it will be easier for you to convey the message and gather potential clients.

Be distinct. Your marketing strategy has to be a stand out from all the promotions in the area. Exposure. Place marketing materials where there is high people traffic. Being always present will trigger people to try out the restaurant.

Patience. Do not expect people or customers to react to your marketing right away. It will take time for your marketing efforts to pay off.

Here are a few marketing ideas to build up a new restaurant.

Collect customers' contact details so you can keep them updated with special promotions and events for your restaurant.

If you can afford it, make a partnership with event planners for charities or outreach activities wherein you can provide the food in exchange for the promotion and exposure you will have.

You may also opt to give away complimentary gift certificates or vouchers for passersby. To avoid lack of profit, they may claim it with a valid purchase. Another option is to set a schedule when they can avail of the promo so you can handle your time and finances well.

If you know of an event or a company with raffle contests, you may choose to be a sponsor.

A common trend nowadays is to create a frequency dining programs wherein they get rewarded after a number of visits in the restaurants.

Create special promotions for specific times of the day. This helps you identify your target market. You can have lunch specials or after work specials.

Take advantage of the social networking fad. Be visible in all networking sites since they are just free. You may join Twitter and Facebook, and other outlets. From this, you can also create specials for people you have networked from these sites.

You always have to be in touch with the consumers so you know what the people want and be able to adjust to these market demands. Listen to the consumers without losing the business sense. Keep the customers and your livelihood happy at the same time.

Have your restaurant business listed at restaurants locally so people can find you. Whether you are new in the restaurant industry or not, you still have to keep thinking of innovative ways to promote your business.

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